DIY Bed Stoppers – 11 Hacks To Stop Bed From Moving

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. It is where you sleep, work, relax, and spend time with your loved ones. But it can also be a big pain when it starts moving around.

If you are worried about your bed moving and waking you up, here are some hacks that can help. Bed stoppers are used to help you keep your bed made up and stop the sheets from slipping off.

DIY bed stoppers are a cheap and easy way to keep your bedding in place. You can do plenty of other things to keep your bed from sliding.

It’s frustrating to get in, get out, or change positions on a bed that slides. You may also experience this problem, especially when trying to sleep well.

The good news is that I found several easy solutions that can be implemented without the need to purchase a new bed.

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Sliding Bed?

In my case, the smooth wooden floor on which my bed rests are the primary reason why it slides. The problem may not be as severe if you have carpet or a rougher floor.

Simple things like getting in and out of bed every day cause my bed to move around slowly! My bed sliding on the floor disturbs my relaxation and sleep, so I want to keep it from sliding!

Secondly, I don’t want my beautiful hardwood floor scratched by the bed feet. Furthermore, I don’t want my bed’s feet to get damaged.

Obviously, a sliding bed can be dangerous for some people, like the elderly and small kids. However, it would be terrible if one of my kids got hurt because my bed slid as they climbed on it.

How To Stop Your Bed From Sliding?

Hardwood flooring in the bedroom can cause a problem for bed owners who get in, roll out, or move during the night.

In addition to scratched floors, a sliding bed can result in chipped paintwork if the headboard is in close contact with the wall.

Instead of discouraging you from buying a lightweight bed frame, we have some nifty and stylish ways for you to make sure it doesn’t slide around your bedroom.

1. Put Velcro Pads On The Feet Of The Bed

Velcro padding with adhesive on the non-Velcro side was a popular suggestion from the online community. One pad sits on the frame while the other sticks to the floor.

Put Velcro Pads On The Feet Of The Bed

As Velcro is less bulky than rubber stoppers, this technique would make the bed frame sit flatter on the floor. If you replace the bed later, you may end up staining your hardwood floor because of an adhesive that was applied to it.

2. Caster Cups

Having wheels on a bed, such as my rollaway bed, makes it easier to move across the floor. It is even possible to roll the wheels over furniture pads and area rugs. However, I entertain guests often around the holidays, and this can be inconvenient or dangerous for them.

In addition to leaving scratches and dents on my hardwood floor, the constant rolling can also leave other marks. Rubber floor pads would be better than scratches and dents in my opinion.

Caster Cups

My rollaway beds’ wheels have recently been fitted with caster cups. These wheels are designed to lock in place to prevent the rollaway bed from rolling. It is easy to use the caster cups, and they do not leave any marks on my floors when I use them.

3. Fix The Bed Frame Permanently To The Wall

If all else fails, drill through the head of the frame to the wall behind it if you have a solid wall in your bedroom that can support a bed frame.

Attaching the bed to the wall will require a set of wall plugs, some relatively long screws, and a drill. However, you will have to make about three small holes in your wall, so it may be best to try our other suggestions before making this decision.

Fix The Bed Frame Permanently To The Wall

Try living with the configuration for a short time before you finally fix the bed to the wall so you know exactly where it will fit. There may be a risk involved with this option if you tend to rearrange your room frequently.

4. Carpet Flooring

If you’re considering upgrading the flooring in your bedroom, now is a good time to do so. A bed has a difficult time sliding across carpets, which is true for other pieces of furniture as well.

Carpet Flooring

I can install the carpet myself as an alternative to hiring a professional carpet installation company. Like area rugs, carpets are available in various colors to complement most bedroom interiors. As well as adding warmth and coziness to a bedroom, carpets also provide a sense of comfort.

5. Put Rubber Feet On The Bed’s Feet

In this case, you can either drill a screw into the bottom of your bed’s legs or leave it as a temporary solution. Under the points where the bed is in contact with the floor, this solution is far more subtle and can be easily concealed.

Put Rubber Feet On The Bed's Feet

You can buy rubber feet for your bed at most hardware stores. They have adhesive on one side so that you can stick them on your frame’s legs, or they have screws built into them for permanent fixation.

6. Put Rubbers On The Bottoms Of The Frames

Several forums raised this suggestion as an economical way to keep your bed in place. It is best suited for U-shaped bed legs. The only thing you will need for this project is a cutting tool and a pair of old bicycle tires that have little, or no tread left.

Wrap the tires so that the outside grips the floor and the inside contain the bed legs, then cut the tires to the length of the leg surfaces that contact the floor.

Put Rubbers On The Bottoms Of The Frames

These legs might not look great at first glance but remember that they’re under your bed and barely visible, so you shouldn’t be concerned about their appearance unless you spend a lot of time under them.

7. It Is Time To Remove The Legs

If you do not want the legs on your bed, you can remove them altogether. I think this is a good option for those who are okay with a floor-to-bed distance.

There is no need to worry about the bed sliding when a person changes positions, and some people may find it easier to get in and out of bed due to its proximity to the floor.

Removing the legs from a child’s bed that constantly slides on the floor is also possible. Children’s bedrooms can be created in a Montessori style with a lower bed. I’m considering skipping that task and buying my child a Montessori bed instead.

8. Make Sure A Rug Separates The Floor And The Bed

Rugs are one of the best ways to make a room stylish, but you will need to ensure they are large, thick piled rugs that are well suited to rooms with large floors. With its thick pile, the rug will be firmly set in the grooves due to impressions created by the bed legs.

The larger the rug is compared to the bed frame perimeter, the less likely it is to move because of the larger surface area covered by the rug. If you prefer not to wear slippers during the winter, you can also use a rug to keep your toes warm.

9. Risers For Beds

Having decided that my bed was sliding, I began researching different products that could stop it. In my search for solutions for a sliding bed, I’ve added bed risers to the list. When used as grips, bed risers can keep a bed from sliding, and non-slip risers can make things even better.

Risers For Beds

Additionally, bed risers allow me to store more items under my bed, from a shoe organizer to a flat storage bin. It seems like a great solution all around me as someone who always needs plenty of storage space.

10. Using A Secured Headboard

You can also secure the headboard to the wall to prevent a bed from sliding. Unfortunately, the bed is mounted in place, so sliding is a permanent problem.

Using A Secured Headboard

I recommend considering this solution if you have experience with DIY projects or general construction. To ensure the wall is sturdy and secure enough for a headboard, I would inspect it before undertaking this project.

11. Adjust The Bed Position

I have discovered that some people have to reconsider the position of their bed while researching solutions for a constantly sliding bed. It is likely to slide in the middle of the room without physical barriers.

It is possible, however, to reduce the sliding by moving the bed to the corner of the room! However, because you can easily get into and out of bed from one side, this solution only works if you are the only one using the bed. Therefore, I did not find this the right solution for my sliding bed.

Adjust The Bed Position

Also, remember that this solution may not completely resolve the problem. Those sides not against the wall will still slide a little. While it is not a permanent solution, it can be used temporarily until you are able to stop the sliding.

Is There A Reason Why My Bed Keeps Sliding?

There may be some issues with your mattress that is sliding, not with your bed itself. Despite this, you are not aware of it because you are lying on top of both of them. What causes my bed to move so much?

  • Mattress

There are times when you may think your bed is sliding, but that is not the case. For example, you might have bought a mattress that is too small for your bed frame. In other words, it can keep moving because there is enough space.

In other circumstances, there might not be enough friction or a slippery bed frame. Mattresses are not firmly held in place by the material.

It is also possible to experience a sliding motion when you have an old mattress. Friction is reduced or eliminated because the material has already worn off.

  • Loose Bed Legs

There are usually more than four legs on most beds. These legs could support your central beam. However, some screws are not tightened properly, resulting in a lack of support. The legs could get wobblier if you don’t fix them as soon as possible.

  • Floors That Are Slippery

It is hard to keep your bed in place on some hardwood floors and tiles because they are very smooth. When you make a sudden movement, your bed slides because of this problem.

Note From The Author

I find it difficult to relax and fall asleep on a bed that constantly slides. Moreover, it may create a safety risk for my family and me.

The constant rolling or moving may also damage my hardwood floor. DIY bed stoppers like rubber floor plans and wheel casters work well with my sliding bed.

To prevent the bed from sliding, the legs have been removed. Also, you can use my ideas to come up with a sliding bed solution that’s right for you.

The Bottom Line

This article contains suggestions based on other people’s experiences and suggestions from online communities. To prevent your hardwood floor from sliding around your bed, take care when using these methods.

That’s how you keep the bed from sliding. You should address this sliding motion as soon as possible. The floor might be scratched and severely damaged if it isn’t done properly.

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