23 Easy DIY Projects To Do For Beginners

Do you want to learn how to do a DIY project for your home? These are some easy DIY projects you can do for beginners. Many DIY projects are easy and fun to do, and you don’t have to be highly skilled to make them.

Some examples include making your own furniture, decorating your room, or creating your own jewelry. In order to give you some amazing and easy DIY home projects you can do in a weekend, we teamed up with some DIY experts.

In just a few days or less, you can completely transform your home by taking on easy projects.

This list includes other easy DIY projects such as: painting furniture, repairing broken furniture, making homemade cleaning products, etc. They can also help you build up skills you might not have had the opportunity to learn.

1. Make A Plant Stand

There are plenty of other ways to incorporate the look of marble throughout your house, even if you can’t afford marble countertops.

This charming plant stand adds a modern accent to any room with just a few inexpensive materials and an afternoon’s work.

2. Mountain Wall Hooks

Can’t find the right words to describe how much you love nature? You can fix that in a few minutes. Get in touch with nature in your own home with these wooden mountain wall hooks.

Mountain Wall Hooks

3. Blooming Box

Window boxes are filled with colorful plants that add life and visual interest to a home’s exterior, making it more appealing from the outside. However, the beauty of window boxes extends beyond their aesthetic appeal.

Blooming Box

In addition to providing a wonderful introduction to woodworking, they provide a wonderful place to start. Learn a few basic skills along the way while bringing the garden to your windowsill with a miter box and power drill.

4. Plant Hanger

By incorporating plants into your home, you’ll give the space life and a calming feel. DIY plant hangers are a great way to show off your woodworking skills while adding plants to your home.

Plant Hanger

5. Refinished Furniture

If you have an old dresser or coffee table that doesn’t match your decor, refinish it to improve its appearance. The piece will look better than new once it has been stripped and stained.

Refinished Furniture

Take your DIY skills to the next level by staining your 2x4s a few different complementary shades for a stunning, entirely custom tabletop.

6. Address Planter

You will be able to showcase your woodworking skills to your guests when they visit your home if you construct this DIY address number hanging. This DIY project is made impressive with a pretty plant that adds a multimedia touch.

Address Planter

7. Tiered Planter Box

Following some of the improvements suggested here for your home, you may be planning to tackle your outdoor areas, so stop looking and start doing.

It is actually quite easy and inexpensive to make DIY tiered planter boxes, making it a great project for beginners. If you get the wood for this project from the right source, it can cost you as little as $10.

If you use leftover cuts, you might even be able to make it for free! It does not matter what type of wood you use or how it looks since you can brighten up the outside of the planter boxes after you have built them.

Tiered Planter Box

Glue is a good option for joining the wood pieces and for attaching the legs to the bottom of your tiered planter boxes, or you can use screws or nails for reinforcement.

Remember to make sure your boxes are big enough to accommodate whatever you intend to plant in them! Succulents, perennials, and vegetable gardens can all benefit from this.

8. Rope Rug

It is often more cost-effective (and more stylish) to make your own rug rather than buy one, so why not minimize the cost (and maximize your style)?

Rope Rug

This beautiful, sinuous floor covering can be created with a few feet of rope and your trusty glue gun. Adding it to your decor will liven things up, and it’ll be more valuable knowing you came up with the idea.

9. Wood Sign

Don’t knock decorative wooden signs because of their high price; they add charm to any space. Instead, make your own wooden signs instead of buying manufactured ones. You’ll be surprised at how easy the process is!

Wood Sign

10. Wooden Coat Rack

Coat racks are an excellent solution if you feel your hallway lacks something. Finding a coat rack that matches your decor can be difficult, so turning to DIY will allow you to build the coat rack of your dreams. DIY projects like this are usually pretty easy to accomplish.

Wooden Coat Rack

To make a coat rack, you must determine the height and then choose the type of wood you want to use. You can use almost any wood depending on your preferences and style.

11. Simple Shadowbox

Add a little flair to your wall art with minimal effort. With 1×4 boards, large, ornate frames can be turned into stunning visual displays with shadow boxes.

You can join a medium-density fiberboard together with wood glue and a nail gun to make a box the same size as your frame’s opening, then glue it to the frame.

Simple Shadowbox

You can put cherished mementos and knickknacks in the shadowbox, then hang it up to display them.

12. Pencil Holder

It will be easy to do this DIY if you have an electric drill. A wooden pencil holder can easily be created by drilling a number of holes into it. In addition to being stylish, this craft also serves as a constant reminder to stay on track.

Pencil Holder

13. Pegboard Headboard

An amazingly simple, stylish, and functional headboard made of pegboard is the perfect DIY material.

Pegboard Headboard

As your taste and DIY skills grow, you can rearrange baskets, picture frames, and other decorative accents as you go. Pegboard sections are easy to paint and mount, and they’re also ideal for personalizing.

14. Wooden Photo Holders

This DIY wooden photo holder is a great way to showcase your favorite photos. While they are small and simple, they are packed with powerful design features. Furthermore, they’re much cheaper than buying fancy frames.

Wooden Photo Holders

15. Light Fixtures

It doesn’t take an electrician to improve the lighting in your home. DIY wall sconces don’t require a lot of time or materials and can be completed in an afternoon.

16. Lap Desk DIY

It is a dream come true to be able to study or work in bed, but it can be challenging without a lap desk. Fear not! One wooden board is all you need to make one.

17. Coasters

You can test out your DIY skills with this project. The only materials you need are scrap wood, paint, wax paper, and a printer to create a set of coasters that transform favorite photos into tiny home accents.


18. Basic Cutting Board

Nowadays, there are many sophisticated cheese boards and cutting boards on the market, but you can make your own with simple woodworking skills and a few handyman tools. There is no need to design an intricate cutting board if it is of high quality.

19. Candle Holder

This pretty wooden tea light holder is made from wood pallets, which can be used to make a number of DIY projects. One power tool is all you need to complete this DIY woodworking project.

20. Wooden Key Holder

It’s inevitable that we’ll lose our keys at some point. But, with a little DIY work, we can put an end to the frantic searching!

Wooden Key Holder

Make this wooden key and mail holder with beginner woodworking skills to hang in your entryway for handy (and adorable) key storage.

21. Serving Tray

Adding a customized wooden serving tray to breakfast in bed will make it even more enjoyable. Create your one-of-a-kind piece by following the steps listed in this tutorial.

22. DIY Bathtub Tray

Many of you know that bath time is more than just a time for cleaning up. Instead, enjoy a relaxing evening of self-care with a good book, a glass of wine, and your favorite candle. All of this would be impossible without a handy bathtub tray.

23. Sofa Sleeve

Adding end tables or TV trays everywhere in your living space may not be practical if you have a small or minimal space. The right sofa sleeves can make all the difference. You can relax on the couch with a hot beverage with sofa sleeves.

Sofa Sleeve

The Bottom Line

There is a lot of DIYS going on these days, and the history of DIY is fascinating as well. Having a pallet, spray paint can, or 2×4 at your disposal is all it takes to make a great home improvement.

However, getting started with DIY can be overwhelming for someone new to the scene. The satisfaction of creating something from nothing is indescribable. That’s why woodworking is one of the most enjoyable hobbies.

The best part of creating your own functional pieces is you can put your own stamp on them, feeling accomplished and proud of your work every time you look at it.

Furthermore, it’s an excellent idea for decorating your home or giving beautiful gifts on a budget. A simple piece of furniture can be built at home for a much lower price than buying one new.

It’s easy to get intimidated by woodworking, but you don’t have to start big with something like an entertainment center. Instead, work your way up from the bottom once you feel comfortable.

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