How To Make A Nightstand Taller? 10 Easy DIY Methods

A nightstand is a small piece of furniture that usually stands next to the bed. It is used to store things like books, glasses, and other items.

Perhaps you are disappointed to discover that you need to adjust the height of your nightstand after finally finding the one you’ve long wanted.

When you’re lying in bed, you may notice that it’s quite close to the ground, making it difficult for you to use it comfortably. Even just a few inches higher can make your nightstand more practical, allowing you to make the most of it.

Consider adjusting the height of your nightstand now rather than waiting if you’re not satisfied with it. It is generally recommended that your nightstand be between two and four inches above your mattress.

Here are a few DIY methods to help you make your nightstand taller.

What Is The Best Way To Make My Nightstand Taller?

You can add bun feet to a nightstand, build a platform, or add little wood blocks to make it taller. In addition, you can heighten a nightstand by using the thick dowel at the top of the tapering leg jig.

Nightstands, for example, are good candidates for this step because it is the simplest. Flat furniture feet can be inserted under footless nightstands.

Next, choose a furniture height extender that complements the color of the nightstand’s feet or legs if your nightstand has feet or legs.

What Is The Best Way To Make My Nightstand Taller

It is easy to increase the height of a nightstand. However, to make it easy to access, you must first raise the nightstand without giving it an unusual, raised appearance.

Adding height to your nightstand, making it more attractive, and giving it a fancy tall-looking aspect can be achieved through several methods. Here are some effective DIY methods that you can use to make your nightstand taller.

Easy DIY Methods For Making Your Nightstand Taller

It will be difficult to reach your belongings if your nightstand is too low. In addition, it may take away from your bedroom decor’s beauty. The following post shows how you can heighten your nightstand using a variety of methods.

A nightstand’s height can be extended most easily by adding risers to its bottom. Adding a top unit and additional storage panel (with drawers) will make the nightstand taller and more functional.

1. Put A Furniture Riser At The Bottom Of Your Nightstand

The traditional method of making your nightstand taller is using a furniture riser. The good thing about furniture risers is that they often blend well with your furniture.

Furniture risers come in different types and styles. There are three options available for a nightstand, depending on your needs. Furniture risers, castors, and bun feet all fall into this category.

Furniture Risers

Indeed, these are not as stylish, but they have the advantage of raising the height of furniture very effectively. In many cases, conventional furniture risers can be adjusted.

This is an important advantage. The height can be adjusted according to your needs. If you ever need to lower or raise your nightstand again, being able to adjust the risers is a great benefit.

Furniture Risers

You simply place them beneath your nightstand without tools or screws, and they work perfectly.

Bun Feet

There are many types of home furnishings that can be complemented with bun feet. Your nightstand will look great with these aesthetic options. It is also possible to paint or decorate your nightstand to match its color and style.

One of the most popular types of furniture risers is bun feet. Typically, they have rounded edges and are attached to furniture with tiny legs. Most hardware stores sell bun feet.

Bun Feet

Attaching them to your nightstand’s bottom is relatively easy. For example, if your nightstand has bun feet on the bottom, you can simply unscrew them and screw in the new, taller ones.


You can increase the height of your nightstand by adding casters. It is a wheel with a bracket that can be attached to any flat surface on furniture.

Your nightstand should have casters that are right for it. There are a few different types of casters available. You can choose a rigid or swivel caster when you connect your nightstand to a caster.

Moving your nightstand from one side of the bed to the other can be made easier using this feature. The furniture can also be easily rolled out of the way when you want to clean behind it, simplifying the cleaning process.


If you use casters to raise your nightstand, you can also move it quickly because you can add height to it easily. In addition, your nightstand will be easier to move by rolling instead of lifting.

2. Add A Piece To The Top Surface Of The Nightstand To Increase The Height

This is a simple method for raising the top of a tabletop or bedside table. The nightstand drawers should be removed and placed on the workbench.

Once the top frame is secured, determine what screw can be used. From the inner cabinet body, they ascend through the edge frame and into the underside of the surface board.

Determine the size of the plywood or other choice material based on the width of the nightstand’s top. After that, build the addition according to the plan.

Add A Piece To The Top Surface Of The Nightstand To Increase The Height

If a firm joint is to be achieved, wood glue must be used, and the new piece must be sturdy and screwed in place, but the screw should not be used during the installation to prevent damage to the surface.

Finish by painting or priming the entire surface. You can use grain sandpaper and white wax to finish edges and fine details.

3. Your Nightstand Should Have Something On Top

Many people prefer to leave their nightstands natural and original. It might seem strange to them, so they might be unwilling to put something underneath it.

A taller and more practical nightstand can also be achieved by placing something on top of it. So, in addition to adding a personal touch to your nightstand, placing items on top is a great option.

To make your nightstand taller, you can place various items on top. A few of them are listed below:

Glass Panes

Consider adding glass panes to the top of your nightstand if you don’t want to change its look drastically. It is possible to use the SimbaLux Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet as an option.

Adding this glass pane will increase the height of your nightstand by half an inch. Of course, if you want your nightstand to be significantly taller, you can stack several of them.

Glass Panes

Single Drawer

It may be a good idea to heighten your nightstand significantly. A full drawer can be added in this case.

In addition, you may want to consider this Primo Supply Wooden Single Drawer Unit. Besides adding height to your nightstand, the drawer can be used to store additional items.

Single Drawer

Bookcases With Large, Decorative Books

Your nightstand would look great with a few large, decorative books. In addition, your furniture can benefit from some height and style added by decorative books.

If you are interested in design, photos, or atlases, you can add books of interest to your collection.

Then, just by looking at your books, people can get a sense of what’s important to you. The top of your nightstand can be topped with material to make it taller without drastically changing its appearance.

It’s also a bonus that adding something to the top of your nightstand adds your style to the piece of furniture rather than detracting from it.

4. Consider Adding A Wooden Base To The Bottom Of You Nightstand

You may have furniture in your room that doesn’t quite fit with your nightstand because of its shape, material, or color. If your nightstand doesn’t fit with what you want, you may want to look for something that will.

A wooden base can also be placed underneath your nightstand if this is the case. The simplicity and variety of colors and styles available with wood make it a good choice.

It is beneficial to use a wooden base for a number of reasons. The first advantage of choosing this approach is that you have virtually unlimited options. You can add a wooden base to your nightstand in a few different ways.

Make Use Of Wooden Crates

A wooden base for your nightstand may be even easier to install than you think. Finished wooden crates are another great option. Your nightstand should rest on the crate’s flat surface when you place it upside down under it.

Make Use Of Wooden Crates

You can find second-hand wooden boxes at grocery stores, solid wooden crates in good shape. There is even a possibility of getting these for free.

Get A Wooden Block

Alternatively, you can buy a wooden base that fits your requirements if you do not want to make your own. You can buy a wooden block cut to the size you want at many hardware stores.

Bring the proper measurements, and you can get the right wooden base for your nightstand at the hardware store.

As a result, you can choose the type of wood you want to use. Depending on your preferences, you may even paint the base to match your nightstand.

Get A Wooden Block

Go The DIY Route

As a base, suppose you want a sturdy wooden block. If that is the case, you can make one for yourself. Make your own wooden base for your nightstand if you have the time and are comfortable using basic woodworking tools.

The materials and tools needed are simple. Creating your own wooden base allows you to choose the material and dimensions that are right for you.

DIYers Note:

You can adjust the height of your nightstand by adding a wooden base underneath. Adding a wooden base to your nightstand instead of a piece of furniture has the advantage of customizing it.

You can create the perfect piece by measuring out the proper dimensions and choosing the right wood type and color. The wooden base can also be painted or colored or even varnished for a sleek and modern appearance.

5. Place The Nightstand On Top Of Other Furniture

The best way to adjust a nightstand that is too short for your bed is to put it on top of something else.

By doing this, you will be able to raise the height of your nightstand and make better use of your room’s furniture if space is limited. I have listed a few pieces that may be of interest to you:


The dresser drawer can be placed underneath your nightstand. Typically, drawers are made of wood or metal and can support a nightstand’s weight with ease.


Also, if they’re in the right shape, they’ll keep your room looking organized under your nightstand.


You may also notice that your bookshelf matches the size and materials of your nightstand in terms of size and material.


Having both pieces of furniture together in your room will also help you clear up space and enhance the aesthetics of your room since they might look like an extension of each other.

Shoe Organizer

The placement of your nightstand on top of your shoe organizer will increase the height of the former, thereby creating more space in your room.

Particularly if it is made of a strong material such as wood or metal. Now you can place your shoe organizer conveniently without taking up more room.

Shoe Organizer

DIYers Note:

The material and shape of the furniture underneath your nightstand should be examined first, as you may have gathered by now. It is important to choose something both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

It should be made from the same material, the same color, and have the same general shape. It will prevent your nightstand from clashing with the furniture you have chosen.

6. A Thick Section Of Dowel Can Be Added To Raise The Height

A thick dowel must be cut into four equal pieces to be used in this method. For example, you can make your nightstand 2 inches taller by cutting the dowel into lengths of 2 inches.

Once the thick dowel portions are secured or connected, the nightstand should be finished. Wood glue or appropriate screws can be used to enhance its strength if you are not satisfied with it.

A Thick Section Of Dowel Can Be Added To Raise The Height

7. Using A Tapered Leg Jig To Extend The Nightstand Leg

A carpenter’s knowledge or practice is required for this approach. Some essential tools and materials include bolts, knobs, toggle clamps, plywood, a table saw, a drill set, and more.

You will need to cut a piece of plywood to the size of the nightstand leg. Then, finish trimming the plywood to match the current nightstand legs by attaching the jig to the miter bar.

The attachment area needs more grooves to accommodate the bolt, so use a drill bit to create them. Using the hardware, attach the leg extensions to your table.

Using A Tapered Leg Jig To Extend The Nightstand Leg

Ensure the bottom component is safe by tightening the bolt. To match the nightstand, you can paint the plywood extension with interior wood paint.

8. Leg Extenders Can Be Added To Existing Nightstand Legs

Using this method, you can solve your nightstand woes, and the height can be adjusted afterward. Leg extenders can usually be purchased for a reasonable price. You can also make a nightstand taller by following this method.

The drawer joints must be made of wood and the construction must be solid. Next, drill the hole using an appropriate size drilling machine.

Leg Extenders Can Be Added To Existing Nightstand Legs

You may tighten these extenders manually using the screws provided. You can complete this DIY project for a fraction of the cost and in a short time.

9. You Should Lower Your Bed Stand

The last option is to lower your bed if you are uncomfortable changing your nightstand. Shortening the bed stand legs or removing the mattress entirely are two ways to accomplish this.

Reduce The Leg Length Of The Bed Stand

If your bedstand legs are adjustable, you can shorten them. Most of the bed stands come with adjustable, metal legs that can be shortened or made taller. Simply shorten the legs of your nightstand to make it higher next to your bed.

The bed legs can be cut to the appropriate height if your bed frame doesn’t have adjustable legs. Only wooden bed frames or materials can be cut down for this option. You can easily cut the legs of your bed stand by following these steps:

Reduce The Leg Length Of The Bed Stand
  1. You should measure the height of your bed and nightstand.
  2. Decide how short you want your bed to be.
  3. Mark the location of where you need to cut your bed frame’s legs with a tape measure or ruler.
  4. Saw off the excess bed legs.

Remove The Bed From The Bed Stand

You can take your mattress off your bed frame if you do not want to cut the material or if the bed stand’s legs are not adjustable.

However, even raising your nightstand with any of the abovementioned tricks may not bring your bed frame to a reasonable height.

Mattresses can be placed directly on the floor. A wooden plank can also be placed underneath it. You can keep your mattress close to the ground and have something firm underneath to support it.

This will ensure that your nightstand is taller than your bed and is at a level that is appropriate for you.

If you have a small room, you may also benefit from placing your mattress on the ground, as it opens up some space and makes the room appear more spacious.

10. You Can Also Hire A Carpenter To Fix Your Nightstand

You might want to consider hiring a carpenter to fix the height of your nightstand if you are concerned about what different components underneath or on top might do to its aesthetic.

A professional carpenter can add legs to the bottom to give your additional furniture height. For example, making your nightstand taller will ensure that it looks stylish and aesthetically pleasing when a carpenter builds it.

The carpenter can take precise measurements to raise the nightstand to your desired level. The carpenter can also assist you with color and material selections for the rest of your furniture.

You Can Also Hire A Carpenter To Fix Your Nightstand

There is no doubt that this will be the most expensive option, but it will likely be the most effective. Carpenters typically charge $35 to $90 per hour on average.

Paying a carpenter for a high-quality nightstand fix is a great option if cost is not an issue for you. The nightstand will be designed to meet your specifications, whether it’s legs or an apparatus.

The Bottom Line

Even though every person has a preference for the height of their nightstand, for maximum functionality, bed stands should be no lower than your mattress or a little higher.

If you add or subtract an inch or two, your nightstands should be about the same height as the top of your mattress. Just a little higher or lower. As a result, you can access your things more easily while sleeping.

If your mattress is higher than average, you can make these DIY nightstands to accommodate it. Their height is almost three feet. Moreover, this implies that you have a lot of storage space in your bedroom.

There are various ways to get your nightstands to where they need to be, all of which are doable.

To make it your own style, get creative. Hopefully, these DIY methods should help you make your nightstands match your bed without having them look out of place.

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