9 Creative Places To Put An Extra Coffee Table

The beauty of an extra coffee table is that you can use it for many different things. It can be a place to work, a place to play games, or even a place to eat meals. If you have the space, this is one item that will provide you with many possibilities.

Alternatively, if you have a large coffee table, you may be able to use it as a dining room table. If this is not possible, consider using it as an end table for your bedroom or living room.

One option is to simply put the table in storage in your basement or garage. If you do this, ensure the table is well-protected from moisture and other things that may damage it.

What To Do With An Extra Coffee Table?

You don’t have to sacrifice the kind of furnishings typically found in large living rooms just because your living room is smaller. The coffee table is no exception, especially if it is a practical and essential piece of furniture.

With a little interior design innovation, you can make hosting easier. Your lounge will be more original when you add non-traditional tables of all shapes and sizes.

Your coffee table can be positioned creatively to impress guests and up your entertaining game.

1. Spruce Up

Spruce Up

Would you like to spruce up your old drawers? Do you have some unused dining chairs? Is there a guitar case that is propped up and doesn’t serve any purpose?

Make your new furniture amalgam highly practical by placing a coffee table on top and pushing it against the wall.

You can use this as a liquor cabinet, a personal library, or a place to keep all those candles you never had space to store.

2. Slide Out Storage

Storage is a breeze with a coffee table embedded with sliding drawers. Stack all your goods in the piece, and then slide them out of sight. The feature can be found in coffee tables designed specifically for this purpose.

For example, if you have an elongated nightstand, shallow dresser, or console table that you would like to reuse as a coffee table, you could transform it into one.

3. Match The Television

Match The Television

There’s a problem with your TV not staying on the wall; the cables are too thick – we understand.

If you can’t find anything suitable to prop up your television, you can use a coffee table instead and then decorate its surrounding area accordingly.

You can use a coffee table that announces the TV’s presence if you’re worried it won’t match the aesthetic of your home.

It’s important to use bright colors, but make sure you don’t fall victim to a confusing pattern. Screen time is not something you want to compete with on your table.

4. Tray Talk

You can use a tray to store a few items if you have a small collection. Your design can be tailored to fit your coffee table’s dimensions and storage needs. Sizes vary.

It’s easy to grab what you’re looking for when frequently used items are all gathered in one area. Furthermore, a decorative tray can make the space look even more stylish. Similarly, this rustic outdoor living room benefits from this wicker tray.

5. Turn Up the Heat

Turn Up the Heat

A popular feature of many old apartments is an unused fireplace that sits stagnant in the living room. A baby table can be inserted here to display ceramics, fresh flower arrangements, and photos.

If you live in a small space, the dusty box under your bed doesn’t have to be home to all your knick-knacks. So rather than showcasing your prized possessions, consider exciting new solutions.

6. Consider Baskets

Consider baskets to organize your child’s toys on a coffee table in a playroom or family room. Labels assign kids baskets, and small plastic containers organize collections.

Establish a rule that only toys that fit in the basket can be kept in the family room. It is necessary to store any extras somewhere else. Keeping the baskets organized will prevent them from overflowing and appearing cluttered.

7. Give Your Couch a Little Support

Give Your Couch a Little Support

Whether it’s a coffee table or a side table, you can make whatever you like. As a result, consider investing in a buffer between your sofa and the wall that is the same length and height as your couch.

Besides leaving plenty of space for late-night Twister games, this move will also improve comfort.

Additionally, it will allow you to conveniently rest your movie remote and popcorn behind you while watching a movie.

The couch and coffee table combination are the perfect way to divide the kitchen from the living room if you live in an open-plan space.

8. Under Cover

If your living space is small, you don’t need to look any further than pretty poufs. You can pull up these cute seats from beneath the coffee table when the company comes over.

If you want to maximize your storage space, pick hollow stools or seats that can be opened. Keeping extra items out of sight while still having them accessible is a great way to keep them safe.

9. Skinny Storage

Skinny Storage

An ottoman can be used as both a coffee table and an ottoman. Featuring a shallow storage area for board games and other family room essentials, this upholstered edition opens up easy access to a place to keep them.

Choosing the right size and capacity storage ottoman will depend on what you need it to store. So, make sure you know what you will store before you go shopping for it.

Final Words

So, how do you know where to put an extra coffee table or what to do with it? This is a question that many homeowners ask themselves. However, the answer to this question is really about your personal preference and the size of your space.

Some people prefer an extra coffee table in the living room, while others prefer it in the family room or even in their bedroom.

The key thing to remember when deciding where to put it is that it should be close enough for you and your guests to reach easily but far enough away so that you don’t trip over it when walking around the room.

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