Why Does It Sound Like Water Is Constantly Running In My Apartment?

If you live in an apartment complex, you may have experienced the frustrating and sometimes mysterious sound of water running when no one uses the faucets.

This phenomenon can be caused by various factors, some of which may be easy to fix and others that may require the assistance of a professional.

In this post, we will explore the potential causes of an apartment’s constant running water sound and provide tips for identifying and addressing the problem.

There are several potential reasons why it may sound like water is constantly running in an apartment. Some of the most common causes include:

  1. A faulty or malfunctioning toilet: Toilets can make a constant running sound if the flapper valve or the fill valve is not functioning correctly.
  2. A leaking faucet: A dripping faucet can create a constant running water sound, especially if the leak is significant.
  3. A faulty water heater: Water heaters can make a constant running sound if the heating element is not functioning properly or if there is a problem with the thermostat.
  4. A problem with the water supply line: If the water supply line to the apartment is damaged or has a leak, it can create a constant running water sound.

If you are experiencing this issue, it is recommended that you try to identify the source of the sound and take steps to fix it.

If you cannot locate the source of the problem or are unsure how to fix it, it is recommended that you contact a licensed plumber for assistance. Ignoring the issue could lead to further damage or an increase in your water bill.

Why Do I Constantly Hear The Sound Of Running Water?

Why Do I Constantly Hear The Sound Of Running Water

Whenever any noise hits, it feels quite irritating. The noise is even more intense when it comes from running water. Having to deal with such types of sound pollution and plumbing problems at the end of the day can be very difficult.

If you cannot find an inside issue, your unit probably has something running outside, such as a leaky toilet.

The supply pipes and drains for the units above and next to yours may run behind your walls, and you may hear the drains of those above you gurgling down the drain pipes behind your walls.

There is likely water running somewhere, either in your condo or in a neighboring one. The pipes may be close enough to you for you to hear even a small amount of flow.

You might have tinnitus, an artifact in your ears that causes you to hear this sound. It is possible to measure your water consumption by consulting your condominium’s management team.

In my opinion, water flow would be a good bet. Weather, clogs, loose fittings, etc., usually cause these kinds of noises. It is, however, very easy to prevent this catastrophe by fixing water hammering and loose pipes.

The different causes of water noises coming from pipes will be discussed and how they can be prevented. Additionally, determine whether these reasons should raise serious concerns or are not worth worrying about.

Leakage In The Slab Of The Water Heater

Leakage In The Slab Of The Water Heater

Water leaking from the slab close to the water heater can be identified by running water noises. Usually, you will hear water running through pipes close to the slabs of your water heater when it converts cold water into hot water.

Nonetheless, if you hear running water without turning on the water, the slabs are causing the problem.

Leaky Flapper

One of the most common causes of running or leaking toilets is a leaking flap. Essentially, a toilet flap serves to keep the toilet flushing valve closed.

Once it becomes broken, however, it will no longer be able to control water discharge into the toilet bowl.

Improper Adjustment Of The Float

Improper Adjustment Of The Float

It is controlled by a float inside the toilet tank that controls the level and flow of the water. In this case, however, the floats will not be in their original position, and you will hear a constant gurgling while water flows through the pipes.

Overflowing is prevented by the float, which both fills the tank and keeps it full. A float, however, may wear out or be destroyed after many years of use. It will then be impossible to halt the flow of water, hence the constant sound of flowing water.

Lengthy Refill Tub

Last but not least, the extended refill tube of a toilet may also contribute to flowing toilet water sounds. A tube connects the overflow tube to the toilet tank’s fill valve.

Even if left too long, it cannot stop the plug hole from overflowing, so you will hear water pouring through the pipes but not a leak.

Moreover, we cannot be bothered until we have trouble with the constant running of our home’s plumbing system.

It is possible that we will not experience such difficulties as loud running water noises if we notice these things while the work is in progress or done.

Do You Need To Be Concern About The Constant Water Running Sound?

Do You Need To Be Concern About The Constant Water Running Sound

Does it matter if your ears begin to ignore the constant running water noises as soon as they reach a certain threshold? Your ear does not react to repeated sounds, so they most likely do not cause concern.

However, you need to be careful when it comes to your house because the sound of running water may cause a lot of problems and difficulties. There are many ways it can damage our house or toilets, cause water loss, increase our costs, etc.

The first issue is that it can result in water loss throughout the home’s entire system. There is a risk of water leaks and clogging in the pipes if the flapper’s leak or the adjustments are faulty, which will develop daily.

It is wise, however, to use a water movement indicator to measure the direction and velocity of water flow to identify the issue.

In addition, there is another issue raised by water loss: the exponential increase in water bills. You will not know about the majority of the water running through somewhere you don’t want to use while sleeping.

Consequently, you will experience a water shortage, and your water bill will be uncontrollable.

Water flowing can cause significant damage to our homes, so if you hear any sort of running sound, call an expert plumber as soon as possible and solve the problem.

How To Stop The Water Running Noise?

How To Stop The Water Running Noise

Water running sounds can easily be fixed on your own by following some simple instructions. Below we will discuss in more detail:


As soon as the tap is turned on, the liquid is pushed to its maximum rate and force in the tube. The water flow ceases after turning it off, and the energy is released.

To stop water pounding from occurring in the future, turn off all water supply valves, open all taps, and empty all water lines and tanks. Afterward, air will be forced into the risers, which prevent the water from pounding when it is later filled.

Solution of Loose Piping

The house’s loud plumbing could potentially create the sounds. According to legend, water travels rapidly in high volumes, causing pipes to sway and rattle.

A collision could result in a loud noise, which would break the pipes, resulting in leaks. Ensure that very little movement is happening to the tubes to fix it.

Replacing the Worn Out Washers

Replacing the Worn Out Washers

A whistle pipe is equipped with a type of tap or valve. It is the direct connection between the faucets which is responsible for the screeching in the valve.

Our team may quickly shut off all the valves and inspect the washers if they are making screeching sounds during water running.

If it doesn’t stop, we will have to shut down the electricity and fix the faucet.

Fix Faulty Shut Off Valve

You might consider this technique if the noise persists after checking for worn-out washers, loose pipes, and water pounding.

To perform this operation, you simply need to shut off the main street shut-off valve and then fix the house valve.

Replace Worn Out Ballcock

Our toilets fill with water by means of a worn-out ballcock assembly. It may be possible to repair it, but we recommend replacing it to permanently eliminate the noise effect.

Is It Normal To Hear Water Running Through Pipes?

There is a constant sound of water running through the pipes as it travels from the main supply point to the faucets, showers, and other locations.

This scenario is more common in older homes where plumbers leave exposed drain pipes. It’s common to hear running water in modern dwellings when the water heater is heating the hot water.

Final Words

Hearing water running at night is the most annoying since it is entirely silent outside. Except for the clock ticking, the only sound you can hear is the running water, which is louder than it sounds.

You should, however, empty all the water in the house and make sure that your main water valve is working. 

There are several ways to come up with a solution to stop saying why the water is constantly running. There is no solution to the problem of ignoring it. A plumber can do it for you if you can’t do it yourself.

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