Converting a Console Table into a Desk: How-To’s & Tips

Console tables are a great addition to any home, as they can be placed in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. They can also be used as coffee tables or a desk.

They are often found in modern homes and work well with contemporary trends. But you don’t have to stick with the same console table style for all your rooms. Instead, you can use different types in different rooms of your home.

Do it with style and confidence if you want to convert your console table into a desk. Typically, console tables have shelves, drawers, and enough surface area for a tabletop.

It is most suitable for small apartments or homes with limited space for a home office to use a console table as a desk.

If you want to use a console table as a standing desk, remember that they are between 30 and 36 inches tall. You should also pay attention to the shallow height of the tabletop, which can range from 14 to 18 inches.

How To Use a Console Table as a Desk?

Dedicated offices aren’t necessary for everyone all the time. Console tables are perfect for homes or offices with little room for a desk or a flat workspace.

A mix of business and pleasure can be achieved in any room. Living rooms, bedrooms, and dens can all benefit from the console table as a temporary desk.

When seated on your choice of chair, ensure your legs fit underneath the console table when using it as a desk.

Keep all your essential office items in drawers if you have any. Then, the desk can be packed up and repurposed when not in use.

Place two stools under the table if you want to create a decorative look and use them as extra seating if needed when entertaining! Remove the desk chair and other office items if you have guests over.

Selecting A Location

Selecting A Location

The best place for your laptop on the table is somewhere with an electrical outlet and Internet access (if your house does not have Wi-Fi).

As console tables are 29 inches tall, they often fit ideally below a window or block the lower portion of a window to let in natural light.

With a console table as a desk, you can use it just about anywhere since its small footprint makes it quick and easy to work in just about any room.

Any room in your home will do, whether it’s the living room, the kitchen, or the bedroom.

Various Seating Options

The standard height of a console table is 29 inches, but some styles may vary. For example, your console-turned-desk may not fit an office chair fixed to 30 or 32 inches high since a desk’s standard height is 30 to 32 inches.

The ideal chair is at a low level or should be adjustable in height. When working in tight spaces, place the chair directly in front of the desk to visually cement its desk function, or swivel it one way or another to make room for a walkway.

Organizing Your Desktop

Organizing Your Desktop

Keeping necessary supplies close to you on the console table instead of cluttering the new desk’s top allows you to keep them nearby without cluttering the desk.

To keep a large number of items on hand while still maintaining the workspace, choose organizers that go up on your desk.

Make the most of drawers by dividing them with decorative baskets and put open shelves or baskets directly beneath the console table to store more oversized items.

Lighten Up

Make sure the lamp you choose has a moveable head so you can direct the light where you need it. For example, if you have limited desk space, choose one that clips to the side rather than sitting directly on a desk light.

You can also place lamps with moveable heads on shelving above or to the side of your desk, so you can direct the light as needed.

Keep the desk clutter-free as much as possible, and only keep things there that are actually necessary; this will allow the decorative design of the table to remain evident, and the desk will be more functional.

Console Tables: Different Uses for Them

Console tables can be placed in different rooms throughout the home, making them highly versatile furniture pieces.

If you’re looking for ideas for how to use a console table in your home, take a look at these. Every design style and size of the console table is available so that you can match your room’s décor.

Storage For Offices

Storage For Offices

Consider using a console table for additional storage when your desk gets too crowded, or you simply can’t hold it all.

The bottom level of a two-level console table is a perfect place to store your printer and other frequently used items.

In the drawers, you can store all the things you need for your office work, such as your extra copy paper, mailing supplies, and writing instruments.

More storage can be found on the top, or some artwork and family photos can be displayed there.

Storage for Living Rooms

When many family members are in the home, the living room can quickly become cluttered.

Keeping your living space neat and clutter-free is easy with a storage console. It features shelves and cabinets that tuck neatly into your living space.

Family photos and seasonal decorations look great on the top. The console can be used to store board games, video consoles, and seasonal decor. Use wicker baskets to organize miscellaneous items and kids’ toys quickly.

Vanities For Bedrooms

Vanities For Bedrooms

Whether preparing for the day or unwinding at night, a console table can be transformed into the perfect place.

Make the space more appealing by adding a stool, a light, and a mirror. Makeup and accessories can be stored in the drawers.

Put perfume bottles or frequently worn jewelry on small trays for an attractive display. Also, make a small plastic container out of a trash can and put it underneath. Miscellaneous items can be collected and hidden in closed boxes.

A Table For The Entranceway

A console table in the entryway is a great way to organize everything. The key to keeping keys, shoes, and other outdoor essentials organized is to provide a place to store them.

Make a quick drop zone and collect your outdoor items by adding baskets to the console table. Accessories such as car keys and sunglasses can be hidden in any drawer.

Then, while settling into your new home, stack the boxes on the top or underneath the shelf. The top of the entryway can also be decorated with art and family photos.

Decorative Sideboard for Dining Room

You can enhance the functionality of your dining room with a console table. It also allows you to transform the console into a self-serve buffet by storing flatware, napkins, and serving ware in the drawers.

Then, organize your dishes and plates on top. For your next event, stack the serving ware and plates on the table or storage compartments. There is an area below the shelf for displaying artwork or storing more serving ware.

How Do You Choose A Console Table To Use As A Desk?

Choose a console table with a depth of 14 inches or less if you’re looking for one for a narrow hallway or cozy room. Choose a table that is 18 inches deep to accommodate more items if you have extra space.

It is not advisable to have shelves on console tables that will be used as desks. The lowest frame on the legs should only be present if they have one.

Consider the size of your room, storage needs, and the table’s aesthetic value before choosing a console table.

What Do You Store In A Console Table?

Depending on the style of the console table, you can store various items there. Mail, keys, and other small things are easily hidden in a drawer.

Decorative objects, potted plants, lighting, books, and family photos can all be displayed on the shelving.

You can display glassware, small plates, or an ice bucket for wine on a console table that is used for entertaining.

TV remotes, magazines, or small picture books can be tossed on a console table behind a sofa.

Console Tables: Where Should They Be Placed?

A console table can be used in a variety of locations and for a variety of purposes. You can optimize your style and needs with the console table. So, place it where you want it most.  

For example, add a vintage-style console table to your bathroom to display potpourri, themed artwork, or visitor towels in a basket. Use a console table in your doorway to hold your mail, keys, and other items that make you happy.

A console table can also serve as a vanity in a room, be placed in a hallway, or be sandwiched between a bookcase and a floor lamp.

The Bottom Line

A console table is typically used as an end table or coffee table in a living room area with the appearance of being both decorative and functional.

They come in all shapes and sizes as well. However, if you want to use them as a coffee table or an end table, you would like the one that is large enough for the task.

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