Is the Door Hinge Pin Not Coming Out? Here’s A Quick DIY Fix

Have you ever tried to remove a door hinge pin only to find it stubbornly stuck in place? It’s a frustrating problem that can make it challenging to complete simple maintenance tasks or swap out old hardware for new.

Let’s explore the common causes of a door hinge pin that won’t come out and provide practical solutions to help you remove the pin and get your project back on track.

The best way to remove a stuck door hinge pin is by using a pin popper. Or you can just use a hammer and nail punch to force in pinhead out. The hinge pin should be rammed upward gently.  

It can also be knocked out with a hammer by using the flat end of a screwdriver. Increasing the force with each tap until the pin head lodges upward. Instead of one hard blow, try smaller moves to speed up the process. 

There is a good chance that the door hardware in your old home or new home needs a quick fix, regardless of whether you recently bought the house, or it has sat vacant for a long time.

Many things depend on the hardware used to support the weight of doors and make them function properly. There is a wide range of reasons why hinges get stuck on doors.

It is possible that the people who lived in your home before you had painted over the hinges or neglected them entirely. Your door hinges might have also been in the closed position for a long time.

The hinges may have become stuck, but there are a few ways to remove them for painting and renovating. A few tricks for removing stuck door hinges are included in this guide.

How Do You Get A Stuck Hinge Pin Out?

How Do You Get A Stuck Hinge Pin Out

Taking the door out of its jamb might appear straightforward. All that needs to be done is pull the hinge pin and lift the door off its hinges. Nevertheless, your hinges or pins may be stuck, making things tricky.

There is still hope for them, even if they have been repeatedly painted over or rusted beyond repair. If you want to remove a stubborn object, you should first try the simplest removal methods.

1. Gather the Right Tools

You must have all the right tools when you are nudging a stuck door hinge pin. A wedge, hammer, nail set, nail punch, and screwdriver are required to pry the pin when it is halfway out.

The pin is better nudged out using a nail rather than a regular one because it will bend.

2. Cut Away At Any Paint Layers

Cut Away At Any Paint Layers

Remove any paint layers on top of the hinge pin using a sharp utility knife. The knife should be able to easily slide through the paint in the thin space between the hinge pin and the hinge plate.

3. Keep the Door In A Stationary Position With A Support

It may seem insignificant, but holding a stationary door will relieve you of the need to hold it. Furthermore, remember that you will destabilize the door.

To prevent the door from toppling over as soon as you unpin it, you need something to support it. You can do it by sliding a book or another hard object under the door. This will ensure that your door is supported on a sturdy surface.

4. Tap the Pinhead Out

Tap the Pinhead Out

Using a hammer or mallet, tap the bottom of the hinge pin with a screwdriver and pull the pin head from the hinge.

You may be able to remove the hinge pin by using an 8d nail or a nail of a similar size if the pin is particularly hard to remove.

You can easily remove the pin by placing the point of the nail at the base of the pin and gently tapping the nail head from below.

5. Spray a Lubricating Spray

If the hinge is particularly stubborn, you can spray silicone-based lubricating spray on it to help loosen it.

You should wait 10 to 15 minutes until the spray penetrates the hinge’s moving parts. You should close the door to relieve some of the pressure on the hinge.

The hinge pin’s base should be tapped gently with a hammer before the pin is gently popped up with a screwdriver.

After the hinge pin is loose, you can lift the door safely off its hinges. It’s possible to use some lubrication to keep hinge components from getting stuck if they are still in good shape and don’t require replacement.

The spray lubricants work well for lubricating hinges, but you can also use bar soap, olive oil, or petroleum jelly to keep your already-lubricated hinges operating well.

6. Use Hot Water Solution To Tap The Pin Out (Optional)

Use Hot Water Solution To Tap The Pin Out (Optional)

If this trick doesn’t work and the hinge pin does not move, removing the hinge plates with a screwdriver from its jamb is easier.

Add three tablespoons of baking powder to a saucepan of boiling water and simmer for two to three minutes. 

Heat the hinge plate on a low flame by submerging it in water. Stirring baking soda will ruin it. You need to cook the hinge in water until the paint starts peeling off.

Using tongs, remove the hinge plate from the water. Once the paint has been removed, blot it with a paper towel and let it dry.

To remove the hinge pin, use the screwdriver and hammer. Using a hot water solution, you loosen the pin’s grip and make removing it easier.

7. Unscrewing The Hinge From The Door

Unscrewing The Hinge From The Door

You can unscrew the hinge from the door jamb and the door if you have exhausted all removal tips here.

At the same time, you will not be able to reinstall the door until you remove it and replace the hardware.

You need to unscrew both hinge plates on the door and jamb to remove the hinge plate and pin. Make sure the middle hinge is last if the door has three hinges.

You should wedge a piece of wood or a phone book underneath the door to keep it from sagging. When dealing with heavy doors, having a second pair of hands on-standby is always helpful.

Method For Removing Old Paint

You can remove old paint from an existing hinge using a stainless-steel saucepan filled with 2 or 3 cups of water and enough baking powder to cover the bottom. Cook the mixture at a low simmer.

Immerse the entire hinge under water, being careful not to stir the baking soda. In a small pan, cook the hinge over low heat for 15 minutes or until the paint begins to peel off. With a pair of tongs, remove the hinge from the water.

Ensure there is no loose paint by wiping it off with a clean rag. Make sure that the hinge is cooled and dry before using it.

Remove the hinge pin by tapping the hinge with a screwdriver or hammer and nails. Any combination of these methods can remove any stuck or stubborn hinge.

Are Some Door Hinge Pins Not Removable?

It is common for hinges to include a removable pin, but some hinges feature a permanent pin. There is no difference in the interchangeability of removable pins. A small flat-head screwdriver and a hammer will suffice to remove them.

Use Hinge Pin Remover

If you find the given steps too difficult, you can simplify the project by using a hinge pin remover. It is used for removing door hinge pins and is specifically designed to ease the process.

It is a reliable, easy-to-use tool that is suitable for people who do not possess any door replacement expertise.

It consists of nickel plates and a robust plastic structure to minimize damage. A wedge on the tool forces the hinge pin head up while a steel pin moves it through the plate.

Final Words

As a general rule, removing a stuck door hinge pin can be daunting if the hinge plate is old or rusted. Following the given steps is extremely simple and makes it easy to remove a hinge pin.

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