15 Space Saving Nightstand Alternative Ideas

A nightstand is a piece of furniture that is used to hold items such as books, clocks, and glasses. These are usually found next to the bed. Nightstands can be made of different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, or glass.

That being said, nightstands are sometimes used for more than just holding items. For example, they can be used as a place for reading and writing by placing a lamp on them.

This provides convenience for reading in bed before going to sleep and also provides light when it is needed in the morning. In addition, they can be used to decorate the bedroom or act as a focal point in the room.

But they are not always available or necessary. So here are some ideas for nightstand alternatives that you can use instead.

15 Nightstand Alternative Ideas That Are Practical & Space Saving

There are many different types of nightstand alternatives that you can use instead of traditional nightstands. These include:

You will discover the best alternatives to nightstands in this article, no matter your reason for not having one.

1. Place A Desk

Place A Desk

The idea of a desk beside the bed may seem strange in theory, but it looks good visually.

Moreover, it is practical because it allows a designated area for homework and studying (working or studying in bed disrupts circadian rhythms and makes it harder to fall asleep, as psychologists continue to warn us about).

In addition to creating a higher bedside surface, it also makes the room feel bigger by drawing the eye upward.

Furthermore, you can store your nighttime journal, writing utensils, and book in the tower, so you won’t have to get up from bed to find them.

2. Stacked Suitcases Look Nice

The vintage hard-shell suitcases can be stacked on their sides to create a nightstand for travelers. In addition, it would be fun to collect stickers to place on these suitcases every time you travel to a new location.

3. What About Chest?

What About Chest

Consider swapping out the nightstand for an actual chest of drawers if you like the idea of a traditional nightstand but wish it came bigger for more storage space.

Keeping all the nightstand essentials and many more oversized items organized is easier with a small accent chest like the one shown here.

In addition, keeping warm essentials near your bed, such as extra blankets, sweaters, and socks, will make it easier if you feel cold at night.

4. Plant Stand Are Ideal

You can use a plant stand to balance out the decor if you don’t want to use the nightstand. For example, incorporating some green colors into the stand might be a good idea, and then blending it with the rest of your color scheme.

It depends on the “visual weight” of the bed, comforter, and headboard, which determines the height of the stand. You may choose thick or solid materials if you want to see through the stand to the wall behind.

5. Armoire Maybe

Armoire Maybe

It’s great to have a dresser on your bedside table, but if you’re looking for something to reach for the skies, opt for the tallest bedside companion ever: an armoire.

Armoires are like portable closets with shelves, drawers, and rods for hanging clothes (that’s why they’re so tall).

Make a statement with an armoire as your “nightstand” (it’s uncommon) and make getting dressed more manageable than ever by having it as a nightstand. Aside from keeping the aesthetic minimal and clean, an armoire is also easy to accessorize.

6. What About Repurposed Crates?

When stacked up, two wooden crates make a great bookshelf. You can put your items on three shelves.

When crates are turned into nightstand alternatives, the most important parts happen during the restoration process. First, you shouldn’t find any types of nails sticking out, such as sharp bottoms or heads.

Then, it is okay to clip or file them down if they need to be smoothed out, but do not pull them all the way out because the crates may fall apart if you do. Splinters can be prevented by sanding all of the wood’s surfaces.

Then, in the last step, they can be stained if you wish, or a polyurethane coating can be applied straight away. By doing this, the crates will be able to withstand moisture for a long time to come.

7. End Tables

End Tables

Enjoy waking up to these stylish end tables. Research the types and sizes, colors, materials, textures, styles, and shapes of end tables online to incorporate just the right attitude for you.

There’s a reason why the white end tables here work, but it’s only because of the bedroom’s clean and light color scheme, and you may not find the same tables suitable for your bedroom.

You should look out for the details when buying an end table to replace a nightstand. (See if you can find a matching table for the other side of the bed if you love the one you found; it may be part of a set or collection.)

8. Short Wooden Ladder or Step Stool

A small wooden ladder with two or three rungs is an excellent choice, especially for artistic types. One rung can be used to stack books, another for your alarm clock, and the top rung can be used for a lamp.

The most important thing you need to worry about is stability. Since the ladder rungs aren’t too large, I’m not talking about the ladder itself, but about the items, you’ll place on them. Take care not to fall asleep while doing everything.

9. How About A Dresser?

How About A Dresser

It is quite common to place a dresser next to a bed, mostly out of necessity rather than style. If you don’t have room for another dresser, choose a dresser that matches your bed’s color, material, and style.

Rather than adding a dresser somewhere else, consider placing it next to the bed to open up the rest of the room (read: you can now add fun furniture like accent chairs and poufs that were previously impossible).

10. Classic Poufs & Ottomans

In theory, poufs, ottomans, and other soft surfaces do not make good alternatives to nightstands, but they can be made into flat surfaces by stacking books up or placing a tray on them.

11. Traditional Side Table

Traditional Side Table

It is the minimalist form of a nightstand to place traditional side tables at one or both ends of a bed. You can opt for a more traditional side table with drawers or a more modern one (such as the one shown here with cutout shelves).

Mix up the side tables; place one on one side of the bed and another on the other to create layers, movement, and simplicity. The bedroom also works well with side tables, including a shelf, a lift-top, a non-storage design, and a block/cube design.

12. Drum Table

Although the round drum table may be a living room trend, you can incorporate it into a bedroom space, especially if you place one by the side of your bed or headboard!

Drum tables have flat tops and round, simple shapes that make them perfect for showcasing accessories. Bring style to your bedside with a shabby chic alarm clock, a flower vase, or a jewelry box.

Of course, it is always optional to wear accessories, and a bare top gives the illusion of a more minimalist aesthetic while providing more space to keep bedtime items such as a journal, a book, and glasses nearby.

13. Book Shelf

Book Shelf

Finally, if you’re a bookworm, you will love our alternative. It’s a whole bookshelf we’re talking about.

Bring your vertical bookshelf by your bed if you already have one. Then, instead of pulling in whatever you already had for nightstands, you can have one made to match your bed.

Getting two of the same kind will give your room a symmetrical look. Books can be stored on the upper shelves and sleeping necessities can be kept on the lower shelves.

14. Stylish Chair

Our list of alternative nightstands is almost complete. So, for the last option, we’ll suggest another low-cost solution: a chair instead of a nightstand.

Books and phones are the best things to set aside for this type of storage. This is when a chair comes in handy. In any case, you might want to use a more durable and larger chair.

The advantage of this option is that you don’t have to spend anything. In the morning, set aside your computer chair or dining table chair you brought for the night.

15. Absolutely Nothing

Absolutely Nothing

The person who said the more is, the merrier has never seen the power of a bed without a bedside table. Having a bed, lots of space on either side and a good feng shui technique will give you bedroom merriment at its finest.

Having more space means you can breathe easier, the morning sun can fill the air more easily, and you can feel relaxed and ready for the day ahead.

Budget the money you would have spent on the nightstand on stylish wall décor instead if you can do without the storage.

Final Words

Consider purchasing a floating shelf or a stool if you’re on a budget. Adding a dresser, for instance, will give you more storage space.

This is what we picked from this category. We have included many alternative nightstand options, so you can pick the best for you based on your budget, aesthetic, and, most importantly, needs.

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