Should I Have Two Nightstands, Or Is One Okay?

The symmetry of the room will be improved by having two nightstands. If the room is small, however, it is best to have just one nightstand.

Likewise, it is best to use one nightstand if the bed is larger and there is not enough space. It’s really a matter of personal preference.

Some people prefer to have two nightstands so that they have more storage and surface space, and so that each person in the bed has their own nightstand. Others prefer to have just one nightstand in the middle of the bed, or none at all.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on your own needs and preferences, and what works best for your particular space and situation.

For furniture purchased as a set, it may be possible to have the nightstands made to match the bedroom measurements.

I recommend a bookcase behind the bed, a small stool, or a lamp with shelves if there is not enough space for the extra nightstand. Creativity is key.

As I will discuss in this article, two nightstands are better than one. You can add a special touch to your bedroom with nightstands, giving it ease and comfort. In this sense, its aesthetics define it.

Do You Need a Nightstand?

It would be helpful to determine whether you even need a nightstand before we go any further.

These containers indeed serve as storage from a purely practical viewpoint, but this simplifies how they are used. The purpose of a nightstand is not to serve as a glorified closet.

They can hold lamps, water, or chargers for late-night reading, a midnight drink, or a charger for your phone. You should keep a nightstand by your bed if you read before bed, wake up to get a drink, or sleep with your phone.

Are Two Nightstands Necessary?

Two nightstands are not a hard and fast rule. You should consider your style and the amount of storage you need. In the bedroom, most people prefer two nightstands because it helps achieve symmetry in the design and provides more storage.

Are Two Nightstands Necessary

Maintaining Size

Having two nightstands is not a requirement or a rule. Ultimately, it’s up to us to decide what we need in terms of storage space and what we like personally. Two nightstands instead of one are the most common design symmetry.

To keep our bedroom space organized and clutter-free, we need to manage our space. In this case, the clear choice is to have one nightstand.  The bed size could, however, dictate whether we have two larger or two smaller nightstands.

Instead of a queen-sized bed or king-sized bed, this option might work best with a double bed. Nightstands must be smaller or larger, depending on the size of your bed.

Maintaining Size

Dimensions and shape

In addition to the size and shape, the bedroom’s layout will also influence whether or not two nightstands will fit. Considering the nightstand’s size and shape in a smaller space is important.

Since an end table takes up less space than a square nightstand, it would probably be a better option. You should be careful when using end tables as nightstands. There is less storage, and they are shorter.

The Integration

The Integration

It is possible to integrate a night table into the headboard to free up space. You can also store things you might need at night in the drawers of the tables. Ensure the tables are not cluttered with bills, work, or study materials.

Our sleep can be interrupted by those “pending” things, and we may wake up thinking about them. So even though we like reading in bed, with two or three books, we shouldn’t make our little table a library.

Their Purpose

Different shapes and colors are available for nightstands. Some beds even come with built-in storage. Additionally, they’re great for holding other things, like portrait holders, lamps, flowers, or decorative reminders.

We could put the following items on the night table:

  • A lamp
  • Book for reading
  • Your medication
  • Alarm clock
  • Television remote

The Functionality

They fulfill 5 basic functions (I have tried to summarize them in 5):

  1. First, we can leave any items we need at bedtime on a bedside table, such as earrings, clocks, alarm clocks, or anything else we need. A nearby night table is convenient for those who need a little water at night, for example.
  2. A visual balance indicator is when two tables are placed next to a bed. Thus, they provide a sense of balance in the bedroom.
  3. By storing personal items on the bedside tables, we can keep them at hand and arrange them neatly in the drawers. Decorated beautifully, they match the bed and the other furniture.
  4. We can store various items on the nightstand, as it has drawers for storage.
  5. Feng Shui: Maintaining balance with two nightstands, whether you’re a couple or alone.

The Small Bedroom

The Small Bedroom

It was very difficult for me to use two nightstands in my small bedroom three years ago. I needed to use one in my bedroom and put the other in the living room.

Daily tasks like cleaning and making the bed were complicated because everything was tight.

In my experience, if you have one nightstand in a small room, there is nothing wrong with that, even though I hear it is better to have two nightstands. As a result, it is safe to say that everything depends on the space.

Managing Space

Managing Space

We mustn’t sacrifice our other two principles. An unorganized bedroom will stress you out, so managing space is crucial.

Even if that means losing your second nightstand, you need to clear out some space if you find yourself tiptoeing around your furniture.

In contrast, nightstands can be used to store clutter if your house is cluttered. You will feel less stressed if you give your room enough breathing space.

Maintaining Scale

Smaller nightstands could create space, but then you wouldn’t maintain scale. A nightstand that is too big or too small compared to your bed will make your design appear off.

Nightstands should generally be about the same height as mattresses. A typical nightstand measures about 20″ wide x 20″ deep, which works well for most queen-size beds. The size of your nightstand should match the size of your bed.

As a result, it is recommended to add a second nightstand to create symmetry. Don’t buy a second nightstand if it won’t give your room enough breathing room. Use bigger nightstands if your bed is already too big for smaller nightstands.

You will have a pretty and relaxing sleeping environment if you follow these principles when decorating your bedroom.

What Do You Do If You Don’t Have Room For a Nightstand?

Nightstands are not always necessary, so look for alternatives that meet your needs. Among its common uses, the charger can hold your phone and charger, provide a light source, and hold your glass of water.

Depending on how much light you need, a clamp lamp, shelf lamp, floating shelf, small stool, bookcase behind the bed, or even a stack of books could work. Think about what you need and get creative!

Do Bedroom Sets Come With Only One Nightstand?

Normally, bedroom sets come with two nightstands, so you will find them if you’re looking for two nightstands.

However, it is important to note that this is by no means universal, so always double-check before making a purchase. A second matching nightstand can usually be bought separately in the worst-case scenario.


If you want your room to look balanced and aesthetic, you need two bedside tables. The presence of a single bedside table in a room can provide the room with focus and accent.

In addition, a bedroom can be given a unique look by having two bedside tables of different styles. Adding two bedside tables in your bedroom can give it a sense of balance and a decorative edge.

Your bedroom’s appearance and the amount of space you have will determine whether or not you need two bedside tables.

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