How To Identify Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture?

It’s been over 150 years since Woodard started making patio furniture! Materials like aluminum, wrought iron, and woven materials are used in their furniture.

Their furniture is very high quality and lasts for a long time. It still begs the question; how do you know it’s Woodard furniture? Here’s what we found out.

Build Quality

A piece of Woodard patio furniture is usually pretty obvious when you look at its quality. There’s no better patio furniture than Woodard. It’s pretty easy to tell their wrought iron patio furniture apart just by quality.

There’s no doubt that the quality of its furniture is a major reason this company is respected so much. In spite of the fact that quality is hard to spot -and often subjective- Woodard usually stands out from the crowd. 

Woodard Furniture’s artisans are incredibly meticulous about their work so that they can achieve the highest level of perfection.

Using both handcrafting and high-tech processes, Woodard makes woven, iron, and aluminum furniture that you can’t find anywhere else. 

There are a few other quality aspects associated with Woodard furniture that you should look out for:

  • Frames that are tough and durable
  • The powder coating finish
  • The best wrought iron around
  • A robust swivel mechanism
  • Welding all the way around

Marks Of The Manufacturer

Marks Of The Manufacturer

You can find out if a piece of patio furniture is Woodard by looking at the manufacturing mark.

Paper Labels

It’s usually on the frame underneath the cushions of furniture like three-piece suites. They’re usually like stickers that just say “Woodard”.

You might be lucky enough to find an old piece of furniture with a paper label that’s handwritten too. 

Embossed Names

You’ll find them on wrought iron furniture. They’re usually on a frame with cushions and just say “Woodard”.

Metal Labels

These are labels that have been welded onto a frame like a couch or chair. “Woodard” is embossed on them, and there might be an identification number on them too.

These labels might be hard to see at first if your iron furniture has been painted a lot. But if you look real close, you’ll see them.

Design Features

Design Features

You can also make sure you’re getting the real deal by checking out the Woodard patio furniture’s design features.

Patio furniture made by Woodard is built to last and requires little maintenance. Because of its handcrafted elements and amazing precision, it has a vintage aesthetic.

The attention to detail that goes into the building of Antique Woodard patio furniture makes it stand out from other patio furniture.

Furniture from Woodard often has ornate scrollwork and other handcrafted details, along with fanciful fabrics.

It can be hard to tell vintage Woodard patio furniture apart from new Woodard patio furniture using quality and style characteristics.

Who Is Woodard?

Manufacturer and seller of patio furniture, Woodard Furniture is highly regarded. Lyman Woodard started it over 150 years ago, and it’s still going strong. So yeah, you can trust them!

There are several brands of Woodard furniture now. They used to be Lee L. Woodard and Sons, Inc. in their vintage glory days.

Featuring high-quality craftsmanship and premium quality, Woodard provides superb patio furniture that’s both comfortable and durable.

In addition to being built to last, Woodard patio furniture looks really good in any outdoor space no matter what style you choose.

From traditional scrolls to classic modern outlines, the company has a wide range of designs.

Aluminum and wrought iron are the main materials used to make Woodard patio furniture. HDPE (high-density polyethylene) fibers can also be found in woven materials.

Where did Woodard get its renowned vintage patio furniture from? This is another reason why the company’s luxurious products get grade-A ratings.

All Woodard vintage furniture is handcrafted, assembled, and finished in the USA. Over 150 years, Woodard Furniture has been in Owosso, Michigan.

Get In Touch With Woodard Company And Ask Questions

Get In Touch With Woodard Company And Ask Questions

You may need to contact Woodard directly and ask them to verify the furniture directly.

If you wish to contact the company, you may call (800.877.2290), or you may send an email to

A customer service representative can explain what you need to look for once you contact them. They might be able to give you a definitive answer if you have photos of the prospective furniture.

Alternatively, you could bring it into one of their branches or ask them to send someone to identify it.

FAQs About Vintage Woodard Patio Furniture

What’s The Best Way To Clean Woodard Wrought Iron Furniture?

Apply a high-quality automotive wax after washing with warm, soapy water.

What Makes Woodard Patio Furniture Vintage?

After the same amount of time as any other type or brand of furniture, Woodard patio furniture is considered vintage. Furniture that’s at least 40 years old is considered vintage by most antique dealers.

Is My Patio Furniture Made Of Wrought Iron?

There are times when cast iron and wrought iron materials get confused, which makes identifying Woodard furniture difficult. 

Check for manufacturing mold lines if you’re unsure if your vintage patio furniture is cast iron or wrought iron.

The sides of cast iron will have lines since it’s made from molds.  There won’t be any on wrought iron. 

Rust and texture may also indicate wrought iron.  You can tell wrought iron by a hammered texture.

Does All Woodard Furniture Have Wrought Iron Legs?

Woodard doesn’t make all its patio furniture out of wrought iron. To give buyers all the versatility they need with the same signature quality, the company also uses powder-coated aluminum and woven materials.

Woodard’s show starts with wrought iron, though.

Is Vintage Woodard Furniture Expensive?

There’s a lot of variation in price appraisals for vintage Woodard furniture. There are so many factors that go into pricing a patio furniture set, including what’s included and how well it’s maintained.

You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a well-maintained vintage Woodard patio set. You can tell that Woodard furniture is good by the fact that some of the pricier sets have been around for 60+ years.

A furniture appraiser will be able to help you figure out the value of vintage Woodards. You can also do an online search to see what other similar sets go for on any marketplace.

Final Words

Buy Woodard furniture from a reputable company if you’re buying new. There’s a page on the Woodard website where you can find Woodard furniture stores across the country. Their website even lists a stockist in Puerto Rico!

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