How Come My Air Mattress Has A Huge Lump In It?

If the air mattress bulges but does not have any punctures, uneven inflation may be to blame. Make sure the air is distributed evenly by deflating it completely, then reinflating it gradually.

For assistance or a possible replacement, contact the manufacturer if the issue persists. Check for any internal damage or manufacturing defects.

Despite the fact that air bubbles are undoubtedly annoying, you can take steps to prevent them in the future.

Inflating an air mattress too frequently and piling too many people on top can lead to these bubbles.

Avoid overinflating and exceeding the weight capacity to avoid these bubbles. It is also possible that a defective air bed or an old air bed could be the culprit.

Simple Solution:

Locate the lumpy area on the air bed and then open the air valve to fix it. As the air bed deflates, apply pressure to the lump while the mattress deflates to smooth out the bulge.

Slowly re-inflate the mattress once it has been completely deflated, then check for lumps. Make sure the air bed is not overinflated.

How Do Air Mattresses Get Bubbles?

How Do Air Mattresses Get Bubbles

In cases where an internal seam ruptures and air passes between sections, bubbles and lumps may result.

As one of the seams ruptures in an inflatable mattress, it will cause the entire mattress to blow up like a balloon as it fills with air. That’s why inflatable mattresses have ribbed or diamond-shaped structures.

Sleeping is difficult or even impossible with the bulge. The following factors may contribute to bulging:

Excessive Weight

Weight limits are strictly enforced on air mattresses. Bubbles can be caused by not adhering to the limit.


The lifespan of an air mattress can vary according to its quality, but it all depends on how well you maintain it.

However, air mattresses can sometimes acquire bubbles if they are too old, regardless of your best efforts.

A Factory Defect

It is possible for your mattress to get swollen and bubbled if the seams were not properly bonded during the manufacturing process.

Overinflating The Mattress

The most common cause of inflatable mattress bubbles is this. When you overinflate your mattress, the seams will be put under extra pressure, which can result in bubbling and warping.

A Big Bubble In The Middle Of An Air Mattress – How To Fix It

If the seams in your mattress ruptured, there is no way you can fix them yourself, but don’t throw the mattress away yet. There are ways to fix that too. But that’s a topic for another article.

Now, Are you experiencing air mattress bubbles? You can prevent it by understanding why it occurs and what you should do.

1. Release The Air

Release The Air

The first thing you should do if your air mattress bulges is to deflate the air out in a controlled manner while pressing on the bulge.

The air pump attached to your mattress will need to be opened slightly to allow air to escape gradually. Close the valve after pressing on the air bubble until it flattens enough for sleeping to be possible.


Pump not built-in? While you press the bulge, have a helper open the blow hole while you keep a finger over the opening to control the airflow.

2. Inflate The Mattress Again

Inflate The Mattress Again

Reinflating the mattress after releasing all the air may resolve large bulges. Watch the bulge while pumping air slowly. When the bulge reappears, stop pumping.

3. Purchase A New Mattress

Purchase A New Mattress

A brand-new quality air mattress would be best if you cannot inflate the mattress sufficiently without the bulge appearing again.

If you’re not forced to sleep on an unsupportive mattress, your muscles and spine will thank you.


Depending on the manufacturer, you have a certain amount of time to file a claim if you suspect your air mattress has a bulge due to a factory defect.

A warranty claim can be filed for an Intex air mattress within 90 days up to one year from the date of purchase. In addition to bulges, you can also file a claim if your product has been damaged.

As well as having a brand-new mattress that has unexpected air losses, you can file a complaint if you suspect your electric pump, pump system, or compressor may be defective.

Air Mattress Bulges: How to Prevent Them

Preventing an air mattress bubble can be accomplished with some tried and true measures. One of the most common causes of bubble formation is overinflation.

The reason for this is that when inflatable beds are inflated too much, they stretch and warp. To prevent overinflation, simply pump a new air mattress until it reaches around 90 percent capacity or follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Additionally, you should not exceed the maximum weight recommended. The pressure on the seams is unnecessary if you sleep on a mattress that is designed for one person, and this can cause the mattress to bulge or even deflate.

To ensure that your air mattress lasts for as long as possible, make sure to take good care of it.

Make sure your mattress is clean, store it in a sturdy container to protect it from extreme heat and cold, and inspect it periodically to make sure there are no leaks, bubbles, or other issues.

Final Words

The firmness level of an air bed can also be adjusted and customized, which is another reason it is so comfortable.

It is important not to overinflate your air bed since this could cause excessive strain and result in lumps in certain areas.

Air beds can get lumpy, but this article explains how to prevent them and reduce them if they do form.

Lumpy and uncomfortable lumps and bubbles appear when you overinflate the mattress.

Most lumps can be reduced, or gotten rid of, by releasing some air. When a seam tears inside the mattress due to continuous over-inflation, the damage is usually irreversible.

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