Where Should You Store Full Garbage Bags?

Have you ever found yourself with an entire garbage bag, unsure where to put it?

Perhaps you’ve pondered the most convenient location to store it until trash day arrives, or maybe you’ve even struggled with concerns about sanitation and unpleasant odors.

Whatever your situation, deciding where to store full garbage bags can be tricky. Luckily, there are a few key factors to consider that can make the decision easier and help keep your home clean and organized.

The most convenient places for homeowners and businesses to store garbage bags are outdoor rollaway carts or dumpsters.

It is unacceptable to leave full trash bags around your establishment; you should haul them out to the dumpster as soon as possible.

Sites, where dumpsters are used should be kept tidy and free of spills, piled-up garbage bags, and open garbage; as well as closing when not in use, dumpsters should be locked.

A single-family home or a compact multi-unit complex is best suited to storing trash in the curbside trash cans located near the curb.

Taking full trash bags outside in a container makes bringing them to the curb on collection day easy and keeps garbage smells out.

Where Should You Store Full Garbage Bags in Your Home?

Where Should You Store Full Garbage Bags in Your Home

Putting a fresh trash bag in your trash can is just the thing you’re doing for one minute. It’s suddenly overflowing instantly, and we need to empty it!

Someday, perhaps there will be a bottomless trash can that can automatically send our garbage into a black hole.

As long as it isn’t invented, you should have a place where full trash bin bags can be placed before they’re collected or taken to the dump in your home or business premises.

Generally, outdoor rollaway carts or dumpsters are the best places to store trash for homes and businesses. It can be helpful to know a few things about how to keep trash before getting started, so you can save time, effort, and mess.

How can you keep your garbage cans and area clean when storing full garbage bags? Here’s a guide on storing full trash bags that answers those questions and lots more.

Whenever possible, place full garbage bags directly into your home’s curbside trash cans if you live in a single-family home or a small multi-family building.

For information about our answer if you live in or own a larger building, scroll down to the article.

If you place them outside in a bin, it takes just a few minutes to take full trash bags to the curb on collection day. The trash odors will also stay outside and won’t dampen your home.

When it comes to the bins themselves and where they go, however, there are a few things to think about:

  1. Do your neighborhood or HOA have rules about where your trash cans can be when they’re not being picked up?
  2. Have Your trash cans been broken into by animals (such as raccoons)?
  3. Are you having trouble keeping your trash cans clean and in good condition because of weather conditions in your area?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you deal with these issues when storing your trash cans outside.

Storing Garbage Bags In The Garage Or Shed

You will usually store your trash in your garage or other outbuildings, such as a garden shed. Make sure you know the tips below if you store full trash bags there:

1. Smarter Options for Disposing Food Waste and Minimizing Odors in Your Garbage Bags

Smarter Options for Disposing Food Waste and Minimizing Odors in Your Garbage Bags

When you have plenty of garbage bags full of food waste, think about whether there’s a better way to dispose of it.

Food scrap composting, which is done entirely outside, is an excellent choice for certain kinds of waste, such as veggies and coffee grounds.

When it comes to throwing away things, which emit strong odors, such as old food from the refrigerator, it’s best to wait until the day before trash day.

2. Proper Storage for Full Garbage Bags

Whether they are in a shed or garage, make sure your full trash bags are in a container or receptacle.

When full trash bags go without protection, they will accumulate more odors and may cause a mess if someone accidentally collides with them.

3. Keeping Your Garage Smelling Fresh

Keeping Your Garage Smelling Fresh

If you have an outbuilding that holds trash, you may have trouble preventing unpleasant odors from developing, so take advantage of our guide on preventing a trash can from smelling in a garage.

It is possible to drastically reduce odor levels with some simple steps, such as regularly cleaning your trash cans and securing trash bags with rubber bands.

Storing Garbage Bags In Outdoor Cans

Do you plan to store your full garbage bags in out-of-door bins, such as city garbage cans on the curbside? You can keep your cans cleaner and easier to manage by following these tips:

1. Using Drawstring Trash Bags

Using Drawstring Trash Bags

When it’s time for a new bag, use drawstring trash bags to carry your full bags to the garbage can.

2. Advantages of Trash Compactors and Extra Trash Cans

Have you ever had the problem of overcapacity in your outdoor cans? Reduce the physical volume of trash you throw away by investing in a trash compactor and compactor bags.

There is also the possibility that you might just need more trash cans. Make sure you obtain at least one extra bag from your waste service.

3. Cleaning and Securing Your Outdoor Trash Cans

Cleaning and Securing Your Outdoor Trash Cans

If you keep your outdoor cans clean, insects, raccoons, and other creatures will be less attracted to them.

Keep your outdoor trash cans thoroughly clean by using soap and hot water regularly and purchasing high-quality trash bags that offer the right thickness to hold your trash.

To keep your trash bag from slipping down, consider using some trash can rubber bands.

4. Keeping Raccoons and Other Animals Away

Are you constantly dealing with raccoons or other animals entering your trash? Here are some ways to keep raccoons out of your trash. These methods will also work for many other common trash raiders, such as skunks.

If you have severe animal problems, you may need to light your trash area and spray your bins with harsh scents, or perhaps even put a radio close to your trash cans.

5. Trash Enclosures for Secure and Discreet Garbage Storage

Trash Enclosures for Secure and Discreet Garbage Storage

Consider installing a trash enclosure in your yard before collection day to keep your garbage cans out of sight. In addition to keeping trash out of view, these durable structures protect cans from wind and rain.

Where Should You Store Full Garbage Bags in Your Business?

It is not unusual for businesses to dispose of a number of full garbage bags per day. Over an eight-hour work shift, large companies like warehouses and manufacturing plants could fill dozens of garbage bags!

If you’re waiting for a garbage service to pick up these garbage bags, how will they be stored? Storing full garbage bags anywhere in your business is generally not recommended.

It is actually illegal! Rather, the answer for pretty much every business is to rent a dumpster to store full garbage bags in.

Garbage dumpsters are designed for storing a large amount of garbage and are easy for waste collection trucks to collect.

There are different storage procedures for full garbage bags depending on the type of business. We’ll take a look at the basics of what you need to know about storing your business’s garbage.

Where Is My Business Legally Allowed to Store Full Garbage Bags?

You can learn more about how businesses in your area manage their waste on the website of your state or local health department.

The state and local health rules dictate how and where trash needs to be stored by many types of businesses.

A great example is restaurant health codes. If a restaurant stores full trash bags in places other than a dumpster or trash can, the health inspector often deducts points from its sanitation score.

A particular violation can occur when full trash bags are stored near food, such as in a refrigerator or pantry.

A business in the construction and demolition industry may have more flexibility concerning temporarily storing full contractor bags outside the dumpster.

Although this can provide safety benefits, it can still be a hazard if the site is cluttered, increasing the risk of accidents. It is because of this that these businesses need a construction dumpster.

What If I Live in (or Own) a Condo or Apartment Building?

The trash from tenants of apartment buildings and condos with more than two or three units will generally need to be disposed of in a dumpster rented by the owner.

There will have to be a cost involved in renting a dumpster for the condo association or the landlord, which should be in a location accessible to all residents.

Generally, high-rise buildings have trash chutes so that residents can direct their trash directly to a dumpster on the lower floors. Usually, tenants in low- and mid-rise buildings are responsible for taking out their trash.

There are many common areas like hallways and courtyards where trash needs to be picked up, but residents should not leave their trash in them.

What If I Live Somewhere Without Trash Pickup?

Managing full trash bags will take some time and space if you live in a rural area without a trash pickup service. People living in rural areas usually buy their own heavy-duty outdoor trash cans to store trash bags from their homes.

The trash enclosures and bags are usually stored in garages or outdoor trash enclosures to keep them safe from the weather and animals.

Residents of areas without trash pickup services must make frequent trips to the landfill and/or recycling center. Schedule your trip to the dump at a regular time and learn what days and times the dump is open in your area.

Making it a habit to take your trash to the dump will prevent full trash bags from piling up and overflowing the designated space.

Final Words

It might seem simple to find somewhere to put your full trash bags. However, this is often not the case, as a trash can attract wild animals and even thieves who want to steal your information.

To make sure your trash is held safely within your home, you should use the tips above. To take care of your trash outdoors, use the materials in this list to protect it from pests and intruders. Store it in the best location where it will remain safe.

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