Can a Coffee Table be Higher than a Couch?

The coffee table is usually lower to the ground because it’s not a piece of furniture that you can sit on. Instead, it’s more of an accent piece, so it shouldn’t take up too much space in your living room.

The height of your coffee table should depend on what type of couch you have and how tall you want to make your living room feel.

A coffee table is typically lower than a couch, but there are exceptions. It all depends on what type of look you want to go within your living room.

If you want to feel more like you are sitting in an upscale restaurant, then chances are, your coffee table will be higher than your couch so that it takes up less space and gives off a more luxurious vibe.

Why Coffee Tables are Lower than Sofas?

We’ll examine the history of coffee tables as a starting point for why they’re lower than sofas later in the article.

It is no coincidence that coffee tables were originally designed to serve coffee. Sofas became popular during the Victorian Era when their use began to emerge.

Originally, coffee tables were placed behind couches and raised so that people could access them from their seats.

The length of the tables decreased when the tables were placed in the center of the room. Considering Japanese tables were extremely short because people ate on the floor, that may have influenced this style change.

In addition to their short height, coffee tables are kept concise so that you can see over them. When a group of people surrounds you, this is particularly important.

It will be hard to see everyone if there is a tall coffee table with decorations on top. The other furniture in the room is generally the focus of the room, so designers have used lower coffee tables to emphasize that.

Several design elements are meant to catch the eye of the viewer, such as the couch, chairs, and other elements. It is better to let the coffee table complement the room rather than draw all the attention to it.

Is It Okay For a Coffee Table To Be Higher Than The Couch?

Okay For a Coffee Table To Be Higher Than The Couch

Unconsciously, we should have considered length and width when determining the measurements of a coffee table for the living room.

Height, however, is also very important, and we should not neglect it as much as the first two measures.

In fact, the three measurements as a whole generate a volume, which is important when determining what measure should contain our ideal coffee table but also the design and style of the table.

Height and Width of the Coffee Table

Height and Width of the Coffee Table

It is essential to consider the height and width of our coffee table if we want to create a proportionate living room. A sofa’s size will always serve as the reference:

We should have a coffee table that measures at least half the width of our main chair. In other words, you should have a coffee table that is at least one meter long if your sofa is 2 meters long.

When we are enjoying a delicious snack, for example, height is another key factor that makes our table comfortable.

If possible, it should be similar in height to our sofa, or the difference should not be more than 10 cm. Try this rule out in decorating our living room, and we’ll see what happens.

The Options to Consider

The Options to Consider

Other pieces of furniture in the house may not be affected by variations in any of these measurements.

For example, the height of a chest of drawers, a sideboard, or a bookcase may be insignificant.

But for a coffee table, this 5 cm can, and nearly certainly will make a massive difference to the aesthetics as well as the comfort of our living rooms.

Undoubtedly, our coffee table is one of those pieces of furniture where the more traditional option would be most recommended.

However, having the option of making the right height, length, and width to fit the space that we have in our living room is an option to consider.

The Functionality

A table’s height will significantly impact its functionality and practicality, and it will not be any less significant on its decorative side.

The first is undoubtedly the most important of these three elements in decorating, as the game of volume, shapes, and finishes involves.

Displacing a piece of furniture correctly in its intended space requires the right balance of three measurements: length, width, and height.

The Comfort

The Comfort

How does height affect the look of a coffee table? First and foremost, for comfort. It is mainly the height of a coffee table that determines whether it is comfortable or not.

Coffee tables are not solely intended to decorate; quite the contrary, they are also designed to serve as functional pieces of furniture.

As a table, the coffee table plays a very active role in many common activities, such as sitting down for coffee with friends or watching TV in the living room.

I find leaving a glass or cup of coffee convenient sitting on the sofa. The height of a coffee table is also very important for two other actions, such as resting your feet on it.

Complementing the Living Room

Regardless of how they are arranged in our living room, both the sofa and coffee table are a perfect complement.

The coffee table usually sits on the side of your sofa. Their style adds beauty to a lamp, and they provide extra light. However, two aspects need to be considered.

It is important that the side tables are 15 cm away from your sofa, chairs, or other seating, and they should always be smaller than the side of your sofa. You’ll be able to achieve the perfect look with these tips!

The Choice

The Choice

If we only consider its height, we should choose one that has a height that is similar to a sofa’s seat height.

So, what are the measurements of this one? Regarding style and design, it all depends on the type of sofa and coffee table.

A normal sofa seat height would be between 35, 40, and 45 cm, but some sofas have a lower seat, while others have a higher seat. As well as coffee tables, there are also varying heights available.

Average Height of Coffee Tables Verses Sofas

Take a look at some of the average heights of sofas and coffee tables to get a better idea of how they work together.

Average Height of Sofas

Average Height of Sofas

We’re talking about seat height when discussing a sofa’s height. You should measure this starting at the floor and ending at the top of the cushion.

It is common for a sofa to measure between 17 and 18 inches (43 and 47 centimeters). In addition, sofas can be found anywhere from 15 to 20 inches (38 to 51 centimeters) in size.

Average Height of Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are usually 16 inches (40 centimeters) to 18 inches (47 centimeters) tall. However, the height of a coffee table can also vary between 19 and 21 inches (48 to 53 centimeters) if you’re looking for something taller.

When You Should Choose a Taller Coffee Table

The ideal height for your coffee table should be the same as or slightly shorter than your couch unless there is a particular reason to choose a taller table.

If You Have Small Pets

Worrying about the height of your coffee table with well-behaved pets is unnecessary.

In addition, if you have an opportunistic dog or cat, you might choose a table higher than their eye and nose levels. Then, you’ll be able to keep them from stealing your snack when you’re not watching.

If You Entertain, Often

In addition, if you have people over often, you might want a higher coffee table than your couch. If people plan to use the coffee table to place food or drinks, it’s better to have it higher as it’s easier to reach.

As a result, you want your food to be easily accessible when you eat from your coffee table. You shouldn’t have to stretch and bend down constantly when you eat.

If You Have a Shorter Couch

Your first point of reference will be if your sofa is low, in which case you will need a bigger coffee table than your couch. In this case, you’ll need a taller coffee table since it’s unlikely you’ll find a short one.

Final Words

I hope that helped answer your question, “Can a coffee table be higher than a couch?

Fortunately, as you know, you can do this, but it must remain within a few inches of your sofa’s seat.

The height is too much can make people feel awkward and make it hard to see each other.

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