Coffee Table Placement With Sectional Ideas & Décor Rules

When designing a living room, the placement of the coffee table with the sectionals is crucial.

In order to accommodate a coffee table and a couch, you must ensure that you have enough space. The reason for this is so people aren’t tripped over by one another or furniture.

A bad coffee table can negatively affect the appearance of the living room if it is not paired with the right sectional. Here are some tips for matching your sectional and coffee table.

Coffee Table That Goes With Sectionals

The coffee table in your living space should feel proportionate to the size and scale of the sectional. Consideration should be given to height, width, and visual weight.

A large, overstuffed sectional looks great with an oversized coffee table parked in front of it – and it’s big enough to accommodate everyone. An acrylic or metal base coffee table pairs well with a modern, clean-lined sectional.

We recommend that the edge of your sofa should be 14-18 inches away from the edge of your coffee table.

Placement Of Coffee Table With Sectionals

Placement Of Coffee Table With Sectionals

The placement of a coffee table is an integral part of the design. For example, if you have a sectional, you need to consider the different spaces and how the table will fit in.

1. When placing a coffee table in front of a sectional, make sure it is at least 3 feet away from the front of the sectional so that there is space for people to walk around and sit on either side.

2. If you have a small sectional, you should place it at an angle with one end against the wall and another against the sofa or loveseat.

This way, people can still walk past it to get to their seats on either side of the sectional while still having enough room to move around when they are sitting down on either side.

3. If your sofa or loveseat is placed next to each other, then place your coffee table in between them so that people can walk past it when they are sitting down

How Do I Choose a Coffee Table for my Sectional?

How Do I Choose a Coffee Table for my Sectional

Your sectional sofa with a chaise should have two main considerations when choosing a coffee table: placement and size.

Generally, if your coffee table is 14″ to 18″ away from the edge of your sofa, it doesn’t matter where it is placed. However, when using a chaise sectional, you want to ensure the table doesn’t extend beyond the chaise.

The coffee table must be proportional to the sectional. Therefore, it is important to take a few measurements to determine what size coffee table you will need for your sectional.

Use the L of the sectional as two sides of the square and measure from each end of the sofa. Then, calculate how much legroom you prefer by subtracting 16 “-18” from those two measurements.

You will now have two numbers to determine the length and width of the coffee table that will fit your space best. Ensure you double-check your measurements before buying a table the wrong size.

If your couch sits higher than a standard coffee table, you’ll want to look for a table with a bit more height. Overly short arms are difficult to grab and can make you look unbalanced.

Coffee Table Placement With Sectional Ideas

You may find it challenging to find the right shape and size coffee table for your sectional sofa when you are shopping.

I hate when coffee tables just don’t work with sectionals – either they’re too big or too small, or they’re the wrong shape (like pairing long skinny rectangular tables with an L-shaped sectional).

Some people dislike sofa sectionals, but I personally enjoy their space and comfort. The right way to style them will make them both practical and beautiful.

Below, is a list of common sectional styles and options for compatible coffee tables.

A Table And Extra Seating

A Table And Extra Seating

An ottoman can serve as a table or extra seating if it is large or too small; upholstered ottomans are bunched together. If you want to corral the usual coffee table odds and ends and hold drinks, just add a tray.

Comfort is a key factor in this family-room option. You can kick your feet up on the upholstered furniture, adding softness. Nonetheless, you want to break up all that fabric with something contrasting.

For instance, if your sectional is upholstered in a light fabric, choose an ottoman in a darker color. You can also choose a pretty pattern or color that will appeal to your guests.

Round Coffee Tables

Round Coffee Tables

Especially for U-shaped sectionals, round coffee tables make a great addition. As a result of their circular shape, they are easier to navigate in tight spaces and are more spacious when surrounded by seating.

They’re also a good choice for families with young children because they don’t have sharp corners. Additionally, it’s a good idea to mix and match shapes between your living room furniture to create a balanced look.

Opt For A Large Square Table

It is easier to easily accommodate everyone seated if you choose a table that can fit both sides of your sectional.

For L-Shaped Sectionals

For L-Shaped Sectionals

When you have an L-shaped sectional, make sure the coffee table does not extend beyond the arms of the sofa on either end. When one of the walls juts past the couch, it adds to the room’s imbalance and blocks traffic flow.

Therefore, if your sectional includes a loveseat and sofa, try a rectangular table with a shallow width proportional to your sectional’s loveseat.

U-Shaped Sectionals

In areas with a large amount of space, U-shaped sectionals provide maximum seating. The two extended sides of these couches instantly create a coziness and casualness in a room.

In addition, the shape of the sofa makes it easy to converse since everyone can face each other. This style works best with a square, rectangular, or oval coffee table that fills the negative space between the sofa and the coffee table.

To balance the scale and proportion of these pieces, side tables are definitely necessary for addition to a coffee table.

Classic Rectangular Coffee Table

Classic Rectangular Coffee Table

Coffee tables with rectangular shapes are my favorite! Having one in our living room would be awesome since so many amazing options are available.

My sofa shape doesn’t work with them, however. So, I would most likely pair a rectangular or oval table with a regular sofa if we ever decide to part ways with our sectional.

Does My Coffee Table Have to Match My Sectional?

Although your coffee table or ottoman shouldn’t match your sectional exactly, you should choose one with a similar style. When pairing a contemporary sectional with a contemporary coffee table, clean lines should be the priority.

A sectional with overstuffed cushions looks excellent, with an ottoman that has an overstuffed cushion.

It’s also important to consider accent and side tables if you have them. It’s okay if your tables do not match perfectly, but they should still complement one another.

What Shape Coffee Table Works Best with a Sectional?

It is best to use a round or square coffee table if the sides of your sectional are the same length. All drinks and items can be placed on a level surface with these shapes, making it easier for everyone to get to the table.

You should choose a round table if your children or pets are prone to bumping into corners. You might want to consider a rectangular coffee table when you have a chaise sectional that is L-shaped.

As a result, these tables help balance the sofa’s long side. Using a round or oval table with an elongated shape is also possible here.

Consider using a long ottoman or combining two ottomans to create a table if you have a larger sectional.

It is possible to create a solid surface by adding a tray for storing snacks and beverages.

Make sure your coffee table stays within the boundary edges of your sofa to keep it looking neat and balanced and give you a straightforward way to get to it.

Pro Tips

Remember that you would not want a coffee table extending past the sofa’s length. Every person sitting on the couch should be able to reach the table.

The negative space should therefore be filled evenly. It is recommended that you choose a coffee table that is 2/3 the length of your sofa and not more than a few inches higher or lower than the sofa’s seat height.

A contrasting coffee table will complement the shape of your sofa (think arm style, seat cushion style, etc.).

Final Tips

Therefore, you must assess your space before purchasing a sectional coffee table and take a few measurements. Buying what you love and following our advice will help you create a furniture arrangement that you’ll love.

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