How Tall Should Nightstand Be Compared To Bed?

A nightstand is a key piece of furniture in a bedroom. It’s usually placed close to the bed and is used for storing small items like jewelry, phone chargers, and glasses.

The height of nightstand should be about the same height as the bed or two to four inches taller. This way, it can be used as an accessory for your bedroom decor and also provide storage space for your belongings.

The height of nightstands in a bedroom depends on what you want to put on them. For example, if you want to put a lamp or an alarm clock, then the height should be about 2-3 feet from the ground.

What Should The Width, Depth, And Length Of A Nightstand Be?

Depending on the height of your bed, the ideal depth of a nightstand is between 20 and 30 inches. With a king-sized bed, you may need a considerably taller nightstand – probably 30–40 inches deep.

You should consider the amount of storage space and table surface area that work for you when determining the width and length of the nightstand. Larger nightstands are a better choice if you plan on storing several items on them.

It is common for people to keep things such as books, alarm clocks, sleep masks, water bottles, and beauty products on their nightstands. You better choose a bedside cabinet or chest if you need to store more essentials.

What Should The Width, Depth, And Length Of A Nightstand Be

A nightstand’s width should not exceed 25 inches. To get out of bed comfortably, your nightstand should not take up too much wall space in your bedroom.

Make a list of all the essentials you’ll keep on your nightstand before deciding how much surface area your nightstand’s table top should have. You should buy a wider and longer nightstand if you have more objects to keep.

Be sure your nightstand is the right size to complement your bed, lamp, headboard, and other bedroom furnishings.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Nightstand Height

Nightstands need to be comfortable, scaled, and height-appropriate with practical storage and look beautiful!

Your bedroom will be more comfortable with the right nightstand height and overall design if you follow this guide.

When you start shopping, you’ll discover that there is no specific, standard nightstand height.

Because many bed frames and mattresses come in different heights, your bedside table purchase will be more specific than you might have anticipated.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Nightstand Height

The following points should be taken into account:

  1. Do you use lamps? On top of your bedside tables, consider the height of your bedside lamps.
  2. It is also important to consider the headboard’s height and scale.
  3. How much space do you have for nightstands on either side of the bed?
  4. In addition to your height and arm length, your partner’s may also be a factor – yes, your arm length might matter!
  5. Total measurement of the height of your mattress, including the bed frame, mattress, mattress pads, etc.

Decide What Type Of Nightstand You Want

It is important to consider the type of nightstand you choose when determining the ideal height for your nightstand.

A nightstand comes in three types: a bedside chest, a bedside cabinet, and a bedside table. Nightstands can sit a little taller than mattresses if they are near a bedside cabinet or chest.

Decide What Type Of Nightstand You Want

Using this method will make accessing drawers and cabinets easier. To make it easier to access the lamp and any other items on the tabletop, such as an alarm clock, a simple bedside table should be the same height as your mattress.

Choosing The Right Height For Nightstands

It is estimated that the average height of a nightstand on the market today is between 24 inches and 30 inches.

The average height of a bed is approximately 25 inches according to Sleep Foundation. There should be no more than 5 inches difference between the mattress’s top and the nightstand’s top.

The modern mattress and frame, however, come with an incredible variety of variables. So, when reaching for your glasses, water glass, or alarm clock, consider the full height of your bed and the length of your arms (yes, seriously).

Choosing The Right Height For Nightstands

When searching for something at night, a bedside table height that isn’t quite right can make it extremely uncomfortable to reach across. You’re generally on the right track if you ensure it’s the same height as your bed.

Rule Of Thumb

Want to take away a great rule of thumb? Your mattress should be positioned approximately at the height of your bedside table.

There are no real rules regarding the height of a nightstand, but they tend to be the same height or slightly higher than the mattress. For example, most night tables are 24 to 28 inches tall, while mattresses average 25 inches high.

It’s possible to change the entire feeling of your room by choosing bedside tables that are too small or over scaled.

What Is The Best Way To Pair Nightstands With A Bed?

Your mattress height is the most important factor when purchasing a nightstand.

Mattresses typically sit 25″ above the ground on standard bed frames, with mattress heights ranging from 18″ to 36″.

To be easy to use from your bed, your nightstand should sit in the same range as the bedside table.

What Is The Best Way To Pair Nightstands With A Bed

Here Are Some Random Tips

  • A coffee table book is a great design accessory for your dining room, just as it is for your living room.
  • Make sure your drawers don’t feel cluttered with a Drawer Organizer, just like your kitchen or bathroom drawers.
  • Make sure everything you typically keep on top of your nightstand will fit within the scale and width of the top
  • Take into account more than just this piece of furniture, such as their size next to your queen or king bed and how much wall space you have surrounding it.
  • You should place your nightstand a few inches away from your bed so that your bedding will have room to drape.

Is It Possible To Have Different Heights For Nightstands?

There is no problem with them being at different heights! However, a variety of bed heights need to be accommodated by nightstand sellers. Nightstands are usually 24″-28″ high but can be over 30″ tall.

Depending on your space size, mattress height, or what height feels comfortable for your utility, you can choose from a wide range of options.

Is It Possible To Have Different Heights For Nightstands

There should be a gap between the top of your mattress and the top of your nightstand of 2″-6″.

It is more comfortable to reach up and interact with objects on your nightstand while reclining, sitting, or lying down rather than reaching down.

Having tables of different heights on either side of the bed may be necessary because each person has different needs.

How Big Is The Average Nightstand?

Nightstands have a standard height range of 23″ to 28″. These nightstands fit standard bed frames because most beds measure 24″ at the top of the mattress.

How Tall Should Your Lamp Be Compared To Your Headboard?

There is no restriction on how high your lamp can be. However, you might benefit from a taller lamp if your room is very spacious.

How Tall Should Your Lamp Be Compared To Your Headboard

Choosing one that is too small is more of a concern here than one that is too large. If your space is too small, you may also want to consider a floor lamp or a wall-mounted lamp.

How Tall Should A Nightstand Be?

The consensus among professional decor experts and furniture artisans is that nightstands should average 24 or 36 inches tall. However, due to the general height of a mattress being 25 inches, these numbers have become average.

What Is The Recommended Height Of My Nightstand Lamps?

Your room now needs some light after you’ve chosen the perfect nightstand! Your bedside lamp is recommended to be about two to three inches taller than your nightstand.

The lampshade doesn’t interfere with casting light across your bed or the room. Make sure you take your nightstand and headboard’s decorative style into consideration.

Does It Matter If The Nightstand Is Shorter Than The Bed?

You can allow an inch or two higher, if necessary, but it should be the same height as your mattress.

Does It Matter If The Nightstand Is Shorter Than The Bed

Do End Tables And Nightstands Have The Same Height?

There is usually no difference in dimensions between nightstands and end tables. Both are about 25 inches high.

There is a wide range of widths available for each table, but chairside tables (an end table’s close relative) have more narrow proportions, making them easier to fit in tight spaces.

For A Queen Bed, How Wide Should A Nightstand Be?

When paired with a queen bed, 22′′ to 24′′ x 23′′ to 27′′ is a great size range for nightstands. If you have a king-size bed, you will need width and depth of 23′′ to 25′′ and larger.

Can Nightstands Be Taller Than The Window?

Your nightstand may need to be placed in front of a window, depending on the configuration of your room.

Most nightstands sit on or above the window sill, but some may extend over the entire window space. There are some special considerations to be made in these circumstances.

When you need to reach your window in an emergency, make sure that your nightstand does not pose a hazard. It is also important to consider the nightstand’s impact on your natural lighting.

Author’s Note

The room you live in reflects your personality! So, fill your space with things that make you happy to return.

Make sure the nightstand you choose aids your restful reaching, complements your decorative choices, and doesn’t overwhelm the room. A functional and aesthetically pleasing nightstand is important to you.

It is important that your room reflects who you are and that you should allow your creativity and individuality to shine through. These tips will help you create a space that welcomes your home every day.

The Bottom Line

The ideal height of your nightstand should be very close to the top of your bed to make it easy to reach.

To align properly in your room, the height of your nightstand should be equal to the height of your bed (or as close to it as possible).

There are many variations across the board regarding the dimensions of nightstands—however, most of them measure 20 inches wide and deep.

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