How To Cover Shelves Without Doors?

Covering shelves without doors is a practical and creative way to enhance the aesthetics of your storage spaces while keeping your belongings neatly organized and easily accessible.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your kitchen cabinets, display your book collection, or give your pantry a makeover, there are numerous stylish and functional methods to achieve this.

Is privacy important to you? Isn’t it necessary to do it ultra modernly? It means you’d like to cover your shelves without doors, doesn’t it? No worries!

It’s possible! Furthermore, many people cover shelves when renovating their homes. There are some people who don’t want their privacy protected by doors.

There are times when a project requires “no door” functionality. Additionally, there is more room to roam around if there is no door.

A small budget allows you to get multiple door options. This also allows you to save a large amount of space.

Easy Ways To Cover Shelves & Closets Without Doors

Easy Ways To Cover Shelves & Closets Without Doors

If you want to add a modern touch to your home, open shelves are the smartest choice to make. Their open design makes every room seem larger, and they are much less expensive than closed ones.

The open storage of all your belongings may not be to everyone’s taste. Those with jobs and other responsibilities may also find it cumbersome to clean open shelves every week, making them an inconvenience.

There is no question that nobody wants to be seen with the mess under the covers. Do you want it? Definitely not! Furthermore, modern technology has reduced the necessity of covering chaos with a door.

There are usually only a few rooms in an apartment. For this reason, open shelves need to be covered. The following ideas will help you cover a closet without doors in a creative way. Check it out –

Shelf Baskets

Shelf Baskets

To hide their contents, most people cover their shelves. Smaller homes and apartments are usually crowded, resulting in people using shelves to store all their personal belongings.

You will find this solution ideal if that is the case. The only thing you need to do is purchase some baskets that fit on your shelf. There are many different shapes and sizes available, so you are sure to find one that fits your shelf.

The benefits of shelving baskets are numerous. The first benefit is their affordability. It doesn’t matter how many you need for your entire shelf; you will still be able to purchase them within your budget.

Furthermore, the baskets are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. This will allow you to place them perfectly on your shelves. It is possible to add a touch of elegance to your room with baskets if you choose them carefully.

The storage capacity of baskets makes them so popular. Many models are capable of accommodating a large amount of stuff, including clothes, books, and random items.

It doesn’t matter what you choose, your shelves will still look pristine, and no one will be able to tell what’s inside!



If you can slipcover your contents with slipcovers, that would be the best option. Dust can be kept at bay this way. The slipcovers are therefore perfect for crowded areas such as garages and basements.

Japanese Type Doorway Curtain

Is privacy important to you? A Japanese-style doorway curtain can be an enormous help to you. Because of this, these doors are commonly known as “Noren” doors.

You’ll get a real sense of Japan from the whole thing! You will be reminded of Japanese art by the thick fabrics.

The simplicity of these doorway curtains is what makes them so appealing. However, simplicity is accompanied by a sense of elegance and beauty.

It is truly a sight to behold, and the artworks are eye-catching and mesmerizing. These curtains give off an elegant vibe.

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass

The open shelves can also be covered with frosted glass screens if you are willing to spend a little more. In order to have easy access to your shelves at all times, you should install them with a sliding mechanism.

Despite its appearance, frosted glass will not completely hide the contents of your shelves. When the lights are on, silhouettes are still visible. You can still keep the shelves tidy even if they’re a little dusty.

Both regular rooms and bathrooms can benefit from this solution. As well as being easy to clean, glass is also able to withstand the humidity that is common in bathrooms.

Swinging Door

It is still common to see such doors in many places, even though you won’t see them so much.

There is much more convenience when doors swing, cafeterias swing, etc. The open shelves in these bedroom ideas are, therefore, unique and fantastic.

Installing Glass Pocket Door

It is a fantastic idea to cover shelves without doors with a glass pocket door. You can use it without a second thought if you don’t have any concerns about what’s inside your room. The glass pocket door is also lightweight and thin.

They are also easy to install. You can enhance your room’s look and overall avatar with glass pocket doors.

The installation of metal-type doorways isn’t viewed as an acceptable alternative by many people. The room can be used if there isn’t much furniture and materials inside.

Beaded Strings

It’s a bit old-fashioned! During the 70s, it was a huge hit. In spite of this, it remains relevant and is used by many. There are many types, colors, and shapes to choose from.

Furthermore, you can pick one that matches your interior. It’s very important to note that these strings are highly affordable and installation won’t pose any challenges.

Beaded strings won’t provide sufficient privacy in whatever way they are used. Likewise, there will be no reduction in overall room noise.

Creeper Plants

What if you could cover your shelves without actually closing them off entirely? It may be a good idea to put up a few creeper plants in that case.

The plants can either be purchased from a local store or found outside and planted in pots. The cost of this solution is quite reasonable, and you won’t need to devote a lot of your time to it.

Creeper plants will not only decorate your shelves, but also add some greenery to your living space. Due to the increased oxygen levels as well as the aesthetic appeal, this fact is significant.

Green is also said to make one more peaceful and content, which is always a good thing. It’s also great to know that creepers can be styled and cut however you want.

Whether they cover the shelf entirely or creep around its corners, they can distract the eye from what is actually on it.

Use Barn Doors

Traditional hinged doors are hated by some people. For them, barn doors can be a great option. Comparable to sliding doors, they have the same function.

Furthermore, they are actually part of sliding doors that reduce the amount of space in your room. Keeping the room clean and fresh can be achieved by installing a barn door that matches the wall’s color.

Entering the room will give you a sense of aesthetics. People living in big farmhouses will benefit from these doors. Then you must install the door.

The installation of such doors is fairly straightforward. The door can also be enhanced by painting it. The extra peace of mind will be well worth it!

Use Thick Fabric Curtains

Is it your goal to make the rooms look eye-catching? Good to know! The perfect way to deal with large doors. A thick fabric curtain can be used in such a situation. Hence, thick fabric curtains will look gorgeous in your room.

Even so, thick fabric curtains aren’t for everyone. The price of them is high, so you’ll have to pay a lot to get them. Furthermore, these curtains come with a number of benefits.

Your closet might be large enough to fit a device or chair that matches the curtains if it has enough space. The closet will also look more aesthetic with these types of decorations.

Pull-Down Pictures

There are times when hiding your shelves and making your home livelier can go hand in hand. In order to achieve this, you can place a pull-down picture over some shelves that you aren’t interested in displaying.

The hack can be applied to both cluttered bookshelves and standard TV shelves. Your top shelf can be used to display a canvas picture connected to a window shade.

Depending on what you need at a particular time, you can pull the picture up and down as appropriate.

You can choose almost any image, whether it is a scenic scene or a family photo. Print posters or popular pictures if you want to take a more artistic approach. Any design you choose as long as it fits your overall interior design is fine.

It’s possible to remove the window shade and install the picture with small hinges instead if you want to use it as a door. There will be no difference in the outcome, but you will have to follow a different procedure to open the picture.

Additionally, you can use this method to hide your TV or other screen when it isn’t being used.

Use A Large Mirror

Open shelves can be covered in a variety of ways. There are many of them that we have already discussed. Here’s one for your consideration!

It would be great if you could cover a closet without doors with a large mirror stand. This process is perfect for small closets.

The closet can be adorned with multiple curtains. Put a mirror stand hulk-sized on top. It is extremely effective at hiding closets using this method.

Canvas Squares

In some cases, it isn’t necessary to cover an entire shelf. If your shelves are overflowing with books or random miscellaneous items you don’t want to display, you might just need to hide a few here and there.

It is possible to buy or paint canvas squares that are slightly smaller than the opening of your shelf. Simply hang them from tiny metal hooks on the shelf, and you’re done!

In addition to being able to fully personalize them, these types of covers are also very practical. Those who are artistic can paint them on small pieces of canvas themselves. Even if you’re not, you can print nearly any image you want.

You can lift the canvas screens or remove them completely at any time because hooks allow you to do so. You’ll still have easy access to your items, but any guests over won’t see them.

Roman Shades

Windows are usually covered with roman shades. Both shades have different fabrics. Even though roman shades are usually used for windows, you can use them for doors as well.

Moreover, you use doors much less comparatively if you use this method. There is no doubt that this is one of the most creative ways to cover a closet without doors.

Furniture and rooms can be appropriately protected from heated sunlight with these products.

Hanging Curtain

Are you having money problems? Have you considered installing an alternative door but don’t have the funds? It’s fine.

You need to learn the cheap way of covering open shelves with curtains. In order to cover a closet that is open, you should use hanging curtains.

There is no restriction on what curtains you can choose. There is no limit. Make sure that the curtain fits well with your room, however. Furthermore, you should use a curtain that is light in color and lighter in weight.

White curtains are the most popular choice for covering closets. In terms of how to cover shelves without doors, this is a great and cheaper method.

Room Divider

A room divider is the perfect option when it comes to concealing an open closet. It is possible to divide large spaces into smaller ones with the help of these dividers. Consequently, various privacy tasks will be protected effectively.

Additionally, these sheets take up very little space because they are so thin. These dividers are commonly used by people from the elite class.

Doorway Cover

There are a number of great ways to cover shelves without doors, including this one. Doorway covers should be customized to your needs.

Additionally, a self-closing privacy door screen is another good option. Private doors are magnetically closed.

Wildflower Doorway Curtain can also be used. There is no better way to brighten up a room than with these wildflower curtains. The system can also deliver utter privacy.

This curtain solution allows you to move freely. This is a great resource for new parents. These doorways make it easy for them to hear babies crying.

Use A Sliding Door

When it comes to closets without covers, what is the best solution? There is no doubt that it is a sliding door. Furthermore, you can have a professional install it for you.

Nevertheless, if you have good woodworking and metalworking skills, you can do it on your own.

Since small rooms are common in modern apartments, a sliding door can make a big difference when it comes to saving space. This is a really convenient feature.

Opening a sliding door requires no adequate distance since the door can be opened from any direction.

Furthermore, these doors are ideal when you don’t have enough time to install them. In addition, it gives the room a more refined appearance.

What’s The Most Suitable Way To Cover A Doorway Without A Door

It’s a pretty common question. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a cheaper, faster, and better option, then doorway curtains are what you should consider.

They are definitely the best way to go. To begin with, you need to measure the doorway.

The curtain will then hang an inch or two above the floor. Beaded strings and curtains are excellent options if you are on a budget and would like a cover in a reasonable range.

The best alternative, however, is to use barn doors or room dividers if you need privacy and want to keep yourself apart from others.

It’s impossible to see through these shelf covers, so other people won’t be able to see you. Due to this, you will be able to enjoy optimal privacy.

In addition, thick fabric curtains and glass pocket doors are great options if you want high-end or stylish options.


1. How Can I Hide-Open Storage?

A small alcove can be converted into more space in your room if you use hanging rails and shelving. The storage can then be hidden behind sliding doors or curtains.

With this method, you can create a polished look for your room while eliminating dust and residue. Additionally, your materials will be protected.

2. How To Cover Kitchen Shelves Without Doors?

You can easily find removable doors online or in local stores if you want to cover kitchen shelves without doors. Furthermore, they are easy to use.

Compared to other options, they are much easier. Aside from that, they are also very cheap and economical.

3. Is It Possible To Keep Open Shelves Dust Free?

In order to maintain dust-free open shelves, you must perform various tasks. Keep plastic products and gears away from you.

Another superior option is to repackage dry foods. You should also wipe down the surface whenever you see dust whenever you see it.

4. How Can I Make an Open Closet Look Beautiful?

Adding a shoe rack, taking advantage of closet systems, which provide hanging storage and shelves, seeking freestanding closet drawers, and others can make your closet more eye-catching.

5. How Can I Hide Shelves With Fabric?

Using fabric to hide shelves isn’t difficult. Using adhesive strips, attach the fabric to the shelves. It’s so easy. Make a cut in the fabric. It will stretch the shelves’ height and width.

Once that is done, fasten multiple strips of cloggy to the top of your shelves.  After sticking the fabric top onto them, add the bottom.

Final Words

This is what you need to know! Adding a cover to your home’s open shelves is actually quite simple. It is possible to choose removable panels, creeping plants, DIY curtains, canvas pieces, and even sliding doors.

We hope these ideas will assist you in determining what the best solution is for you. Even the most challenging interior design problems can be solved by being creative and thinking outside the box.

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