Where To Put Shelves In Shower?

Deciding where to place shelves in your shower can greatly enhance your bathroom’s organization and convenience.

The right placement ensures that your shower essentials, such as shampoo, soap, and loofahs, are easily accessible while keeping the space clutter-free.

The best spot for your shower shelves depends on a few factors. For easy reach, consider installing them below the showerhead.

If you have a lower showerhead, shelves higher up will prevent bumping. In smaller showers, utilize corner shelves to maximize space.

Think about the items you’ll store – taller shelves work well for shampoo bottles.

However, it’s essential to choose the optimal spots to avoid water damage and ensure durability. Is there a shelf you’d like to add to the shower? It may not be possible to put shelves in a small shower.

How High Should I Put Shelves In My Shower?

You’ll need to take into account how tall you are and how frequently you use your shower when deciding the height of your shelves.

To reach your shelves easily, you may want to place your shelves higher if you are taller. In this way, you won’t feel any discomfort.

You might want to put your shower shelves lower so that they are out of the way if you don’t use your shower very often. Furthermore, if you are small in size, the shelves will have to be lowered.

Where To Place Corner Shelves In Shower?

Where To Place Corner Shelves In Shower

A well-organized shower can make your daily routine more efficient and enjoyable.

With the right shelving placement, you can keep your shower essentials within arm’s reach while maintaining a tidy and inviting bathroom space. But where exactly should you put shelves in your shower?

Lets explore the best locations for shower shelves to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

1. Corner Shelves

Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are a popular choice for shower storage because they make the most of often underutilized space.

Installing shelves in the corners allows you to keep your bathing products accessible without taking up valuable shower real estate.

This placement also ensures that the water from your showerhead doesn’t constantly hit your toiletries, helping to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

2. Shower Niche or Recessed Shelves

Shower Niche or Recessed Shelves

For a sleek and seamless look, consider incorporating a shower niche or recessed shelves into your shower design.

These shelves are built directly into the wall, providing a convenient and visually appealing storage solution. You can choose the size and placement of these niches to fit your specific needs, whether it’s for shampoo, soap, or decorative items.

3. Hanging Shower Caddies

Hanging Shower Caddies

If you’re renting or prefer a non-permanent solution, hanging shower caddies are an excellent choice. These caddies can be suspended from your showerhead, shower curtain rod, or even your existing shower door.

They come in various styles and sizes, offering multiple compartments for your toiletries. Hanging caddies are easy to install and remove, making them a versatile option.

4. Shower Corner Shelves

Shower Corner Shelves

If you have a separate shower enclosure, consider installing corner shelves on the walls within the shower. These shelves are designed to fit snugly into the corners, providing ample space for your shower products.

They can be made from various materials, such as glass, metal, or plastic, to match your bathroom’s decor.

5. Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall-Mounted Shelves

For showers that lack built-in shelving options, wall-mounted shelves can be an excellent alternative.

You can place these shelves at your preferred height and distance from the showerhead. Just be sure to use waterproof materials, such as stainless steel or plastic, and secure them properly to prevent accidents.

6. Overhead Shelves

Overhead Shelves

If you have a high ceiling in your shower area, consider adding overhead shelves. These shelves are ideal for storing extra towels, plants, or decorative items.

However, avoid placing heavy or breakable items on overhead shelves, as they can become safety hazards if they fall.

7. Freestanding Shower Caddies

Freestanding Shower Caddies

For showers without built-in enclosures, freestanding shower caddies are a practical choice.

These units usually come with multiple tiers and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. Make sure to choose a caddy with rust-resistant materials to withstand the moisture in the shower environment.

8. Floating Shelves Outside the Shower

If you have limited space inside your shower, you can add storage just outside the shower area with floating shelves.

These shelves are typically mounted on the bathroom wall adjacent to the shower, allowing you to access your essentials conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are shower shelves a good idea?

You will have to clean shower caddies and shelves frequently, they are bulky, and they make your shower look untidy.

The metal ones in your bathroom also tend to rust as they are constantly exposed to water and moisture. It is much better to install a shower niche, since it is relatively inexpensive.

2. Can I install shower shelves myself, or do I need a professional?

Most shower shelving solutions can be installed as DIY projects, provided you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the right tools.

However, if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with the installation process, it’s always a good idea to seek professional assistance to ensure a secure and water-tight fit.

3. What materials are best for shower shelves?

Materials like stainless steel, plastic, glass, or stone are suitable for shower shelves. These materials are resistant to moisture and can withstand the humid environment of the shower.

4. How do I prevent mold and mildew on my shower shelves?

Regular cleaning and proper ventilation are essential. Use mildew-resistant shower curtains or liners and consider using squeegees to remove excess water from your shelves and shower walls after use.

5. Are there any weight limitations for shower shelves?

Yes, each type of shelf will have its own weight limit, as specified by the manufacturer. Always adhere to these guidelines to prevent damage to the shelves and potential accidents.

6. Can I use adhesive-mounted shelves in the shower?

While adhesive-mounted shelves are convenient for some areas, they may not be the best choice for the shower due to the constant exposure to moisture and heat. Consider more secure mounting options for your shower shelves.


The proper placement of shelves in your shower can significantly improve your daily bathing experience, keeping your essential items within easy reach and your bathroom space clutter-free.

Whether you opt for corner shelves, recessed niches, hanging caddies, or other storage solutions, it’s important to choose the option that best suits your shower’s layout and your personal preferences.

Remember to prioritize materials that are resistant to moisture, regularly clean and maintain your shelves, and be mindful of weight limitations to ensure the longevity of your chosen shelving solution.

With careful consideration and proper installation, you can transform your shower into a more organized, functional, and visually appealing space, making your daily routine that much more enjoyable.

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