Why Are English Door Knobs So High? Plus More Door Facts!

Have you ever wondered why English door knobs are so high? Now, this question may seem random, but it has a very fascinating answer. 

According to historians, these high door knobs were meant to give a cosy look to rooms with high ceilings.

It was also an optical trick to make the ceiling height look less than it was. To fit into this theme, it made sense to have high door knobs. 

Door knobs are actually a very unique subject and there’s so much to learn about them. Keep reading to find out some fun facts about door knobs in England.

Why Are Door Knobs So High In England?

Many people have noticed that door knobs on old doors are typically placed higher in England. Well, a higher door knob is simply more practical and convenient, especially for taller people. 

Having a deadbolt placed near chin level also has advantages. This makes it much harder to kick in the door or break it down. 

Why Are Door Knobs In The Middle Of The Door In England?

Doors in England typically have a four way lock system with lock rods coming out on the top, bottom, and both sides of the door. So, it makes sense to have the knob in the middle. 

Plus, it also looks more visually appealing and adds to the symmetry. 

Why Do Old Houses Have Low Door Knobs?

According to Mimi Miller, the Director of Programs at the Historic Natchez Foundation, there was a very simple reason for having low door knobs. The structure of the doors required the door knob to be lower. 

The door knob was placed on the sturdiest part of the door, which is where the rail and the stile meet. 

How Much Are Old Glass Door Knobs Worth?

The worth of vintage old glass knobs mostly depends on the condition, style, color, and of course, rarity of the design. Generally, an antique door knob could cost you anywhere between $10 to $200. 

One particularly unique and desirable type are Victorian door knobs. The most common 12-sided molded-glass knobs will usually cost $30 to $50 a pair. 

A pair of cut-crystal ball knobs can cost as much as $500. We really like these – plus they’re a lot cheaper than that!

Types Of Door Knobs

By definition, a door knob is a round handle that rotates in a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion to open a door. Door knobs are usually used for interior doors as a more aesthetic and sophisticated alternative to lever handles.

There are many styles and finishes of door knobs including mortice door knobs, polished nickel door knobs, as well as satin brass, porcelain, chrome, and crystal door knobs. 

Plus, there are several different door knob types, including:

Dummy door knobs:

A dummy door knob does not have to be rotated, rather it is simply pulled. These door knobs are most commonly used on wardrobe or cabinet doors.

Passage door knobs:

These door knobs work with a latch and are rotated to open the door. They are usually used on hallways or in rooms that don’t need privacy.

Privacy door knobs:

A privacy door knob comes with a twist lock that will only work from one side, making it perfect for bedroom and bathroom doors. If there is an emergency, there are ways to open it from outside.

Keyed entry door knobs:

These door knobs function with a lock and key on both sides of the door. So, you can use them in any room that requires more security.

How Tall Are Average Doors In UK?

The height of a standard door in England and Wales is 1981 mm or 6’6 feet. In Scotland, the average door height is slightly taller at 2040 mm. 

For internal and external doors in the UK, the standard door size is 762 x 1981 mm. In comparison, the standard interior door size in America is usually 762 x 2032 mm. External doors in America are usually 910 x 2030 mm in size.  

What Is The Minimum Height For A Door?

On average, the minimum clear height for a door opening should be a minimum of 6 feet 8 inches. Most interior doors are referred to as “6/8 doors” for this reason. However, some codes do allow for 78 inches doors. 

You can check your building or area’s regulations for a more definitive answer depending on where you live. 

How Thick Is A Standard Door In UK?

Most external doors are usually 44mm to 54 mm thick. However, some double glazed patio door sets can have a thickness of up to 70 mm.

Metric sized interior doors are also quite popular and common in Europe and Scotland. These doors can be extremely specific when it comes to measurements. 

What Types Of Door Knobs Are In Style?

Some of the most trending and stylish door knobs nowadays come in finishes of Rustic Brass, Vintage Pewter, Graphite Nickel and Satin Brass. 

These door knob finishes have an elegant, antique touch with a timeless look. 

Final Words

So, now you know why some door knobs are high and why some are placed in the middle. It’s also fascinating how door knobs and door sizes vary in different countries and regions.

We hope this article was an interesting and informative read for you.

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