Why Is My Door Shaking By Itself?

You’ve closed the door and settled down to relax when you notice that the door is shaking by itself. Not only can this be downright scary, but it’s also perplexing – why it is happening?

It can be hard to figure out why a door would start shaking on its own. But there can be several reasons behind this.

A closed door can start shaking by itself for many reasons, including when there is wind blowing or if there’s a thunderstorm outside.

Other reasons include changes in interior air pressure or an ill-fitting spring-loaded lock. This can happen if the metal tab on the strike plate is bent away and is unable to capture the door latch.

If you’re worried about your shaking door and are trying to figure out why it’s happening, keep reading. We will also share some possible solutions for the issue.

Why Does My Door Shake By Itself?

1. Loose Windows

One reason for a door shaking is related to an issue with the windows.

If the window or glass is held loosely in its frame, the window will rattle and cause the door to shake.

As there are air and sound waves travelling in any space, they will bounce around more and cause shaking in the doors and windows.

If you suspect loose windows, you can use caulk, putty or a reattachment to secure the window in its place.

2. Negative Internal Pressure

The problem of the door shaking can also arise whenever you close the door. This happens as the wall shakes when a door opens and shuts.

The reason behind this can be an improper framing technique or negative air pressure inside the home. 

To fix the issue and reduce the shaking, you can use some simple devices like automatic door closers and gel bumpers. 

3. Environmental Factors & Weather

Sometimes, your door may be shaking simply due to vibrations in the external environment.

For instance, loud activity happening in the nearby station or traffic, building, or simple hustle and bustle of people. If you live in an apartment, you might experience this more often.

The weather can also be a major factor. If there is a severe windstorm or thunder outside, the door can shake quite a lot.

Wind blowing outside against your roof will put pressure on the walls and wood frames causing the door to rattle. 

4. Misuse And Slamming Of Doors

Slamming the door too often can damage the frame and hinges. Over time, the rubber around the door can also wear out.

It is important to avoid slamming the doors in your house as this can damage the door and loosen its hinges that result in more shaking. 

Possible Solutions To Stop Your Door From Shaking

Here are some of the techniques you can try to stop your door from shaking if it continues to be an issue.

1. Fix The Door Latch

The rattling door may also be the result of a loose door latch. You can fix it yourself using a Philips screwdriver.

Simply place the screwdriver in the tab and bend it on the strike plate, making it straight. You must be careful while bending the tab and try not to push it too much. 

Once the tab has straightened, check the door by opening and closing it. If it now latches properly without shaking when you close it, you’re done!

2. Felt Pads

You can also stick some felt pads along the sides of the door frames. The pad should be positioned at the top and bottom of the door frame, with two more pads on the top and bottom of the strike plate.

The soft cushioning will help prevent the door from slamming and also reduce the shaking.

3. Tighten Door Hinges

You can tighten loose door hinges at home. The hinge problem can be solved easily using a screwdriver.

Take a look at the hinge screws and check if they are tight. Tighten the screws on the hinges using a screwdriver. Also make sure to check the door hinge pin to make sure it isn’t loose.

4. Repair Or Replace The Latch Plate

One possible issue can be a latch plate that is not adjusted tightly. You can fix this by removing the two main screws in the plate.

Then, bend the metal tab using pliers so the door latch is tighter on the receiver hole. The other option is to replace the entire latch plate.

5. Consult A Professional

If you’re still having problems with your door shaking, then it’s best to stop tampering around as it can cause permanent malfunction.

You can ask for a professional door repair service or a carpentry expert to assess the situation and resolve the issue. 

Final Words

So, now you know that there’s nothing to worry about if your door keeps shaking. We hope this article was helpful and that you will now be able to identify the possible issues and solutions.

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