How To Install Strike Plate On Metal Door Frame?

It is common to find metal door frames in homes and businesses. Doors with sliding glass doors and double-hung wood windows, as well as fire exit doors, can be supported by it.

Two pieces make up the door frame; side jambs that support the wall on either side and a header that supports any weight above. This article will demonstrate how to install a strike plate on a metal door frame.

Begin by measuring and marking the strike plate hole with a pencil. You will then need to drill two holes for screws or nails at the top of the hole using an electric drill or hammer and chisel.

Your strike plate can now be attached to the wall by screws or nails, depending on your chosen type.

You’ll need to drill pilot holes in the studs behind the drywall before you screw it into them from behind! Check out the full blog post below if you’d like to learn more!

Note: The strike plate should be able to fit in a metal door if it is correctly installed.

One trick that could help: Some strike plates have a recessed area on the back that helps them adhere to wood doors.

Metal doors can be affected by this, making the plate unstable. Two holes should be drilled directly in line with the dimples. Keeping them below the surface of steel jambs will enable them to sit flat on striker plates.

Installing A Strike Plate On Metal Door Frame | Step By Step

It’s possible to simply put the deadbolt strike on the metal door jamb if there is enough space. A few tabs are welded into a recess on commercial doors to ensure flush mounting.

A better option would be to pull out the frame and weld the tabs in. For more information, please follow these steps.

Required Tools & Materials

Required Tools & Materials
  • Electric or manual drill (with bits)
  • Masonry bit
  • Screws
  • nails, or hooks for your strike plate
  • Strike plate and screw-in anchors or fasteners

Step 1 – Measure and Mark Your Hole

First, you need to measure the front door jamb, which is part of the doorway that extends vertically above the entrance. This measurement must be exact, so your strike plate fits perfectly into place and does not leave any gaps in the wood. 

Step 2 – Drill With a Masonry Bit

Drill With a Masonry Bit

A masonry bit should be the next bit you use when drilling into the wood with an electric drill. It is critical that you make this hole at least 1/4 of an inch in diameter and as deep as possible without going through the jamb. 

Step 3 – Fit and Screw In Your Strike Plate

The strike plate should fit into the hole after you have drilled it. For this purpose, you can install screws from behind the strike plate rather than using a hammer or screwdriver; make sure the screws fit tightly so they cannot be removed easily.

Step 4 – Secure Your Strike Plate With a Screw or Nails

In order to protect your door effectively, you should secure your strike plate in place. The anchors and fasteners can be screwed in, and/or nails can be used.

Be careful not to lose the strike plate and to secure it as tightly as possible in a place where it cannot be removed. 

Step 5 – Put Hooks or Screws Into Place

Put Hooks or Screws Into Place

Your strike plate can be easily removed if you don’t plan to use a nail gun. Next, you need to attach screws or hooks on either side to prevent the strike plate from being moved.

Step 6 – Use Your Door as You Normally Would

Using your new strike plate is usually as simple as opening and closing your door. Keep your doors safer than you were before since you’re using a new strike plate.

Alternatively, you can install a locking mechanism that requires a key on your door to make them even safer!

Step 7 – Test Your Strike Plate Regularly

Test Your Strike Plate Regularly

If you can’t open the door while it is locked, inspect your strike plate. People can sometimes lock themselves out of their homes or lose their keys, so checking these regularly is important.

How Do You Drill A Hole In A Metal Door Frame?

You must drill a hole into the metal door frame, but drilling metal can be challenging. When used on metal, regular drill bits will get dull quickly because they are made from hardened steel.

A tempered or bimetal (two-faced) drill bit with carbide on both sides would be significantly more effective. Drilling into the metal this way gives you a larger surface area and will hold up longer for cutting through.

If used incorrectly, a power drill can cause metal pieces to fly off at high speeds toward your face and eyes a problem if you’re drilling a hole into wood or drywall, but it is more dangerous in a metal drill since it is much harder to work with.

You should set your drill’s two gears to their lowest setting if it has two gears on top of the handle.

Make sure that you find an area that is close to the size of your strike plate. By doing this, you can make sure that the plate can be appropriately inserted instead of drilling a hole that’s too large or too small.

Why Do You Need To Install A Strike Plate On Metal Door Frame?

Why Do You Need To Install A Strike Plate On Metal Door Frame
  • Strike plates help prevent theft, at the very least, because they prevent intruders from easily removing a door and entering your property.
  • The metal door frame is an integral part of the security system of a home or building. Using this door frame can allow you to gain access to the interior of the building without damaging doors or windows. 
  • It is usually located inside the doorjamb and absorbs most of the force of an intruder trying to break through the door.
  • The purpose of strike plates is not only to function but also to decorate. An ornamental strike plate complements the door’s appearance and makes it more attractive. The doors on businesses and homes are even decorated with them, making the interior look much more professional than it is.
  • Protect yourself from identity theft by installing a strike plate. It is possible for a burglar to trick you into giving over your credit cards, driver’s licenses, and other identifying papers by snipping off these small pieces of metal.
  • In order to prevent the door or lock from being easily opened by anyone who might tamper with it, a strike plate is used to secure the door to its frame.
  • It is a good idea to install the strike plate on your tools or other important items to keep them out of the reach of thieves. Your door can be locked to prevent anyone from getting inside without your permission when you are away.
  • Adding a strike plate to your door will enhance its appearance and add an extra layer of security and safety that can be pretty appealing.
  • A strike plate enables you to prevent anyone from entering your home without your consent if you use a door inside your home.
  • You should install a strike plate on any door in your home that leads outside the backyard or away from areas that would allow you privacy. Keeping your back doors locked will make sure that nobody tries to enter your home through them.

Final Words

This door security system is an inexpensive and easy-to-use option for people who want to protect their homes and property.

Metal frames and Strike Plates combine to make this system durable and effective, preventing burglars from breaking into your home.

Using the Strike Plate is effortless and takes just a few minutes to install, so you can protect your home immediately.

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