What Color Carpet Goes With Green Walls?

There are many factors to consider when choosing carpet color for a room. One of the most important factors is the color of the walls. Green walls can be hard to match with a carpet color, but some options work well together.

Green has become one of the more popular colors in interior design lately because of its natural and fresh feel. Interior designers are using green in a lot of different ways right now, and it can be incorporated into a variety of styles.

In terms of decor, soft, sage greens work well for casual and contemporary styles, while deep, emerald greens are best suited for a more luxurious style.

However, green, and green-based colors can clash with many other colors if not used properly in an interior design project.

After researching for days, you have finally found a cool shade of green to paint your walls with, but what color carpet goes well with them? For a combination of complementary colors, look for shades of blue and beige.

Here are some color pairings we came up with after conducting extensive research. Check them out. Green walls are best paired with the colors below:

  • Patterns (White, Grey, and Black)
  • Crème or White
  • Shades Of Blues
  • Shades Of Greens
  • Red
  • Greys
  • Natural Colors like Beige

1. Pattern Carpets

It wasn’t that long ago that people considered patterned carpets dated and old-fashioned.

Unfortunately, people still associate patterned carpets with outdated styles because they remember seeing them in their grandparents’ or older neighbors’ homes growing up.

However, patterned carpets can be an amazing way to add other colors to a room. As well as picking out other shades in the carpet to accent the room. Consider combining white and gray or white and black to add a bit of interest to your rug or carpet.

To tie your green room together, you might choose a carpet with stripes of blue and then find curtains or cushions in the same shade of blue to complement the carpet.

These patterns are often geometric in nature, and you can make them as subtle or bold as you wish. With the basic palette being neutral, you can pair this carpet type with any shade of green.

Choosing a distinctly modern pattern like a geometric carpet can help ensure your carpets don’t appear old-fashioned or too traditional.

Pattern Carpets

2. Floral Carpets

Carpets with floral patterns can either add a modern twist to a country cottage style or work well with simple, utilitarian furniture for a fun Scandinavian twist.

Carpets with floral patterns tend to look particularly great against green walls since the leaves of the flowers are usually made up of green.

Floral Carpets

3. Black Carpets

Black carpets are perfect for creating moody, dramatic, or intimate atmospheres in your rooms. In the typical home, this is usually found in a snug, a bedroom, a dining room, a bar, or a theater room.

This type of atmosphere can be created by using a medium to a dark shade of green in the room, such as pine tree green or forest green, which will result in a dark and emotional atmosphere.

In combination with glossy finishes, metallic accents, copper light fixtures, or high-gloss wooden furniture can ensure a dark room like this doesn’t appear dingy.

Black carpets have the advantage of being able to hide stains and spills, which is particularly useful in a dining room or movie theater in which food and drinks are consumed frequently, and accidents are possible.

Try a combination of white and gray or black and white for an interesting rug or carpet.

These color combinations usually have geometric patterns that can be subtle or bold. This carpet type pairs perfectly with any green color because the basic palette is neutral.

Black Carpets

4. Red Carpets

You could also pair patterned red carpets with green walls. Aztec prints are perfect for achieving a Moroccan look, while red floral carpets are also great for achieving a traditional look.

Consider plant motifs or geometric designs for a bohemian or quirky look with red patterned carpets.

The colors red and green contrast and complement each other to bring out the best in the other. Avoid choosing stark or overwhelming colors for your room. Instead, choose muted or subtle shades.

In choosing a carpet, you want a color that accentuates rather than steals the show from your green walls, as a red carpet whose intensity is too high would do.

When used correctly, red can look incredibly eclectic, even if it appears to be a bold and unusual color. For example, consider terracotta as a muted shade of red rather than cherry red if you want a solid-color carpet.

Red Carpets

5. White Or Crème Carpets

The white or cream carpet and rug in an interior create an airy and fresh atmosphere. Use a white or cream rug with a bold green to evoke the Caribbean or Mediterranean charm.

In combination with white, green becomes even more vibrant, as its refreshing effect is maximized. If you paint your walls in any shade of green, white carpets will match.

White carpets and very pale green shades are perfect for a bright, airy, and contemporary setting. Pure white might be seen as too stark in some rooms, so opt instead for a cream-colored off-white carpet for a softer feel.

White Or Crème Carpets

6. Green Carpets

The room would look flat and lifeless if you chose too similar shades of green. If you want to ensure contrast, choose two colors at opposite ends of the color spectrum for the two shades of green you are using.

To achieve a definition between walls and carpets when using the same color, make sure that you choose very obvious shades from one another.

If you use different shades of the same color to decorate various room surfaces, it can look really sophisticated and well-styled. For example, you might consider a carpet with a very pale shade of olive green if your walls are dark olive green.

When choosing colors, it’s always best to choose colors from the same family. It doesn’t matter whether your walls match exactly, whether your green carpet is lighter or darker. It will look good.

Green Carpets

7. Blue Carpets

The deep green wall and light blue rug create a more challenging color combination, but we love it. This is like a sky against a beautiful field of grass.

Additionally, you can accentuate the cooler tones of that green shade by pairing a sage green rug with a navy one and, for example, using a vibrant shade of blue on your carpet and a muted shade of green on your walls as light olive green.

When you choose the right shades and tones, blue carpets look great with green walls.

It’s important to avoid overstimulating and overwhelming a space with intense colors. You can choose either a bold or brighter shade for the carpet or the walls and keep the other surface neutral.

Consider a more vibrant shade of green for the walls, such as basil green, and a more subtle shade of blue for the carpet, such as blue-gray slate. A navy blue or dark steel blue is another good shade of blue that can be used as a near-neutral.

Blue Carpets

8. Gray Carpets

Gray is another gorgeous neutral. Fortunately, this color works well with many shades of green, and it has been at the top of the popularity charts for several years now.

The gray color of a flooring surface instantly transforms a room and gives it a contemporary feel, so opt for gray carpets if this is the look you envision.

There is a wide variety of gray carpet colors ranging from light almost-white grays to dark almost-black grays. They combine well with green walls, and they are a popular choice for modern home decor.

Because gray is a neutral color, any shade of green looks good with gray, but shades such as sage green, mint green, and teal-blue green look particularly well.

Gray Carpets

9. Beige Color Carpets

The color green is regarded as a nature-related color due to its harmony with nature. In some instances, it appears neutral due to its close relationship with nature.

That’s why neutrals are so popular. A more earthy feel can be achieved with olive green, crocodile green, and sage green.

They get along well with others. Sticking with a neutral floor color can create a cohesive look when using a bold wall color like green. Furthermore, because tan is one of the more popular carpet colors, it is likely to hold value.

Add rich brown wooden furniture and houseplants as decor accessories to your green room if you want to portray an earthy feel.

Since jute is a natural fiber, a carpet with a rough texture will create an even stronger connection between your interior and natural surroundings.

Beige is the perfect color choice for your carpet to further emphasize the connection between green and our natural environment. Many beige shades would look great with a green wall, such as oatmeal, khaki, tan, camel, stone, taupe, and fawn.

The color beige is classified as a neutral shade, but it will frequently have yellow, orange, or brown undertones, so it is considered to be warm. Warm colors are generally associated with nature since they represent the earth’s sand, soil, and clay.

Having a lighter-colored carpet has only one disadvantage: it is prone to staining and wear. However, it is possible to avoid this problem by using darker shades of beige or carpets with different colored flecks in them, which can help hide dirt and marks.

10. Brown Carpets

The same reason that beige carpets work with green walls also applies to brown carpets. The color brown has a warm, neutral hue that is strongly associated with nature and the outdoors.

Brown and green are often found together in nature, which indicates that these are two colors that complement each other well.

Trees and plants are examples of this. If you want to create a contrast with the darker brown, you can use lighter shades of green to complement it.

To create a moodier and more intense environment in a room, select a dark shade of green, such as forest green or mossy green, and pair them with a dark brown carpet.

Brown carpets are great because they don’t show dirt or stains very readily. So it makes sense if you have pets or if you have family members who are prone to spilling drinks or forget to remove their shoes indoors.

Brown Carpets

Does Green Carpet Hide Dirt?

It’s best to choose a darker green if you want to hide dirt. Darker colors will conceal dirt and stains of all types. However, you should be aware that some debris and pet hair will stand out if you go too deep in your color tone.

You should choose a medium-dark shade, such as olive green or emerald green. The lighter the green, the more easily it shows dirt.

Final Words

Regarding the wall color of green, it can mean many things: olive, emerald, moss, orchard, forest, etc.

But as you can see, a carpet color can be chosen to complement any of them. What’s important is finding the right combination that complements your style and your room.

Green comes in so many shades as wall paint that no one carpet color works best for the space. Rather, you can consider a range of carpet colors that complement green walls, keeping in mind the final look you are trying to achieve.

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