Where Should a Coffee Table With Reclining Sofa Go?

It is important to have a place where you can relax and take a break from your daily life. This is why, in most homes, you will find a reclining sofa and a coffee table.

A coffee table is a must for a living room. It can be used to put the remote control, magazines, snacks, and drinks on. It is also good to set down a tray with snacks or drinks.

On the other hand, the sofa should be placed in front of the TV. The TV should be placed in front of the sofa, so it is easier to watch while sitting on it. So, where should a coffee table with a reclining sofa go?

The placement of a round coffee table with a reclining sofa may arise in your mind when you’re buying furniture for your first home or as a seasoned homeowner arranging furniture. Well, I have the answer for you.

A coffee table is typically placed in front of a sofa, and a reclining sofa is no different.

The coffee table should be placed close enough to the sofa that you can easily reach for items on the table while seated on the sofa, but not so close that you have to stretch or lean too far to do so.

It’s a good idea to leave enough space between the coffee table and the sofa for people to be able to comfortably walk or move around the room.

If you have a reclining sofa, you may want to place the coffee table slightly further away to allow for the reclining feature.

Generally, coffee tables and reclining sofas should be placed in the living room or den, where they will be most frequently used. A coffee table can be used to set drinks or books on while family members and friends gather on the sofa.

Proper Place To Put A Coffee Table With Reclining Sofa

Proper Place To Put A Coffee Table With Reclining Sofa

If you’re buying furniture for the first time or are a seasoned homeowner, you might wonder where to place a coffee table with a reclining sofa. I’ve already answered the question but let me explain why I’ve said that.

A coffee table is perfect for playing games or keeping remote controls or game controllers for easy access.

However, if you don’t figure out the ideal ratio before you’re having trouble reaching the coffee table from the sofa or bumping your knee on a table that’s too close, you may have trouble reaching it.

Keeping the coffee table out of living room traffic or creating a hassle rather than convenience is one of the rules regarding where it should go around the reclining sofa.

Can You Put A Coffee Table With A Reclining Sofa?

Can You Put A Coffee Table With A Reclining Sofa

For functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture, a coffee table and reclining sofa usually work well together.

If you have guests, you can use a coffee table to place food, drinks, and entertainment favors. Choosing an artistically crafted or unique coffee table can also add style to your living room.

You can also display your interests on a coffee table by placing large books on your favorite topics. It can be a good place to park a guestbook when entertaining or hosting guests.

Can A Coffee Table Be Placed Beside A Reclining Sofa?

In an area with a reclining sofa, a coffee table can be placed beside it for easy access, but it does not have to stay there. Among the most common table structures in the workplace is the coffee table.

The low coffee table may be a good option if you intend to position your furniture behind a couch. It can also be pulled out when needed to create another table space.

Can A Coffee Table Be Placed Beside A Reclining Sofa

The Hard Part

In addition to finding the right coffee table for sectionals, finding one that fits in the space behind the sofa can be a real challenge. The ideal placement of a coffee table in front of a reclining sofa should be sought by both decorators and homeowners alike.

Can You Put A Coffee Table Behind The Reclining Sofa?

If you place a coffee table behind the reclining sofa, you may encounter problems. Trying to recline, for example, may result in you bumping into the coffee table and even breaking it.

Also, sitting on a recliner and enjoying the coffee table may cause you to squish those who are enjoying it accidentally. The two outcomes are neither ideal nor avoidable, but with some planning, they can be avoided.

Reclining sofas must be comfortable, relaxing pieces of furniture. Consider moving the coffee table to the front or side of the couch if you are worried about reclining too far and damaging the sofa or coffee table.

It is also possible to opt for a smaller coffee table to avoid colliding with a reclining sofa.

Are Coffee Tables Supposed To Be Lower Than The Couch?

Are Coffee Tables Supposed To Be Lower Than The Couch

It is usually best to place your coffee tables lower than your couch. There are various reasons why this would be useful, including both functionally and aesthetically.

Firstly, you should avoid putting anything on the coffee table that blocks your view of the television. It would be advisable to use only flat pieces of décor or not to use any. It would still appear distracting even if the coffee table was further away than usual.

How Far Should A Coffee Table Be From A Reclining Sofa?

A coffee table should be placed about 16 inches from a couch to allow plenty of legroom. Make sure the table height is within four inches of the height of the sofa.

As a result, you can comfortably use the coffee table no matter where you’re sitting on the sofa. There are some rooms where your coffee table is mainly used for style, with a lot of décors on top.

Side tables can be used instead of coffee tables in this situation. Instead of putting sentimental items on your coffee table, you can decorate them with conversation pieces or sentimental items.

There will still have to be enough space between the sofa and the coffee table for everyone to walk freely. Even sitting down, you should have enough room for your legs.

Note From The Author:

Think about an attached mini table that sits on the arm of the recliner if you just want a place to place your drinks or reading glasses close to your recliner.

There are many benefits to owning a wooden armrest without figuring out what size or style matches your recliner. The best solution might be a coffee table if you entertain or live with multiple people.

Consider The Size

You can use a coffee table as a side table with a reclining sofa. The size of the coffee table should match the size of the reclining sofa when matching a coffee table with reclining sofa.

Living rooms with reclining sofas require special attention to dimensions. A non-reclining sofa with a coffee table is a little more complicated, but it’s not impossible.

By elevating the footrest, the recliner requires a little more space; therefore, a coffee table of the appropriate size is necessary to accommodate that extra space.

Ideally, your coffee table should be about an inch or two above or below your reclining sofa. It’s important to consider the height of the coffee table when it comes to functionality and appearance.

The Bottom Line

You probably won’t want to contort yourself or inconvenience yourself to reach your soda can when you’re comfortable in the recliner.

However, people relaxing on a recliner will have to stretch to reach a coffee table that is too low or stoop. Planning and measuring before you buy a coffee table can avoid this kind of trouble.

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