Can You Use A Nightstand As An End Table?

A nightstand may be the answer if you cannot find an end table with as much storage as possible. Even though nightstands have a different name than end tables, they serve the same purpose.

Additionally, they usually offer more storage space and have similar dimensions. “Nightstands” or “end tables” can be placed anywhere they fit and look good. It doesn’t matter what others call it.

The size and design of the bed will determine the price. To change the table’s height and function, you should consider its function and height.

As you place the nightstand beside the bed, it is particular to the bed because it has different sizes and heights. For example, a table’s height varies in proportion to a sofa’s height.

Due to their location in bedrooms, they are dimensionally and decoratively specific. The height of the bed should be compared with the height of the end table before changing the position.

It does not need to be modified and can be placed without hesitation if both are the same length. However, since tables are generally shorter than beds, you need to be creative when adjusting the height.

What Is The Difference Between A Nightstand And An End Table?

Decorating a room can be an exciting time but choosing between a nightstand and an end table can also be challenging.

It may appear that the two pieces of furniture are identical at first glance. It may be hard to determine that nightstands are on one side of a bed and serve as a storage area at night.

It is common to place end tables next to a couch or chair where remote controls and beverages can be kept. Aside from their location within the house, nightstands and end tables are similar.

End Tables

End Tables

It is common for end tables to be decorative and part of a room’s aesthetics. However, in many cases, the only functional feature of an end table is its surface.

An end table’s base can be open and artistic instead of having storage under the top. Near the bottom of some end table is a single shelf for additional decoration, such as a coffee table book.



In addition to providing storage, nightstands are conveniently located within reach of the bed. In most cases, nightstands have two deep drawers for storing items closest to the bed, such as medications or contact lens solutions.

The articles are nearby but hidden from view. Using low shelving and shutting doors, clutter-causing cords and moisturizers can be tucked away for easy access.

Primary Differences

It is easy to understand why shoppers are confused when trying to tell nightstands from end tables.

Their smooth surfaces make them ideal for receptacles for storing objects. Glasses or earplugs may be needed in the bedroom. There should be a stack of magazines in the living room and family photos and coasters.

As they are similar in size and shape, they can be used interchangeably in many ways. Both furniture pieces could theoretically be used interchangeably, but they are suited to different purposes due to some key differences.

How To Turn End Tables Into Nightstands?

How To Turn End Tables Into Nightstands

The generous scale and variety of end tables in a mix-and-match bedroom make it easy to double as nightstands at the bedside.

Choose bedside features important to you, such as drawers, shelves, and easy access to media and monitoring devices. With hand-picked tables that will do the job, you can add your touch to your bedroom.

Take Into Account The Space

Take advantage of the full potential of your bedroom by maximizing bedside space. For example, you can add additional storage with accent chests or end tables that have drawers.

You can add a grouping of miniature frames featuring family photos and a collection of your favorite books to extra-large tabletops to make them more attractive at the bedside.

Give neglected corners a boost with full-sized end tables topped with generously sized lamps. Using tall vases or floor lamps on small-scale flank tables will visually extend and heighten them.

The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau

Several factors influence bed height, including the mattress frame, bedding piece depth, and comfort-top features. Consider adding casters or screw-in adjustable feet to your ideal end table if it doesn’t meet your bedside needs.

A carpentry trimming project may be a good option in an end table that is too tall and has four individual legs or a sturdy base. If fresh cuts have splinters or unstained edges, sand them down and finish them with wood putty.

There is no limit to the finishes you can choose for your bedside table, as it can be anything from a mirrored-front chest to a hand-painted end table.

Information About Nightstands

Information About Nightstands

Make sure the nightstand you choose has the dimensions you need, including width, height, and depth.

Make sure you keep your preferred dimensions and specifications in mind when selecting end tables, small chests, or accent pieces. Also, take into account the size of your bedroom, especially the wall space on either side of your bed.

Some nightstands feature enhanced accessibility features like casters and flip-up or pull-out shelves that can be used for laptops and morning coffee, just like some end tables.

Finished leather or glass tops, rotating bases with wrap-around shelving, and removable serving trays are other end table features to consider.

Is It Better To Match Or Not To Match?

Rather than matching the pieces of a complete bedroom set, break free from traditional bedroom groups. You can also serve as writing or eating surface with extra tall end tables.

Lightweight tables can easily be repositioned to accommodate bedside needs. Instead of chunky nightstands, replace them with two or three lightweight and functional wicker nesting tables if your bedroom has limited space.

Use full-length tablecloths made from fabrics that coordinate with the bedding and draperies to cover either side of the bed if space allows. Make cleaning easier by adding a glass top.

Nightstands As End Tables: Benefits

Nightstands are rarely out of place in rooms, even if they may seem like they are. Despite its size, the table is like any other item and fits in any room.

Useful On A Daily Basis

Considering usage is also important when considering “Can a nightstand be used as an end table?” Due to their location, end tables will be used frequently.

Therefore, choosing a nightstand that will complement the room without distracting it is important.

The great thing about modern nightstands is that they are durable and can be used regularly.

The items you place on top will be safe and secure when you set them up. You can’t go wrong with this feature when purchasing a nightstand for your bedroom.

Providing A Seamless Fit

An end table made from a nightstand has numerous benefits, starting with the fit itself. It’s important not to settle for a solution that looks out of place or doesn’t fit correctly.

To make it as easy as possible, you need to go with something well-designed, which is what a nightstand will provide. The best time to replace an end table is with a nightstand that has a similar build to an end table.

Even if you only have a nightstand at your disposal, it can be used as an end table without a hitch! There will be an impressive look, and it will go well with the rest of the decor. Nightstands make excellent alternatives to end tables for this reason alone.

Dimensions Similar To Each Other

If you ask, “Can a nightstand be used as an end table?” you will also want to consider the dimensions, which will play a major role in the long run.

To make the room look unified, you should only set up nightstands that are the same size as the end tables. Again, this approach will come from seeing the appropriate results and feeling good about what you are doing.

How Big Are Nightstands Compared To End Tables?

There is usually a difference in depth between them, but they usually have the same dimension. So about 20 inches to 30 inches is the ideal size for both.

Nightstands should be the right size to match bed heights. Due to this, the size of the object remains the same. In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase a taller mattress to match the height of the mattress.

The sofa size might change depending on the design and the time of year. It is, therefore, possible to adjust the height of the end tables.

Final Words

Your living room will look great with nightstands and bedside tables. Even if you want to use pieces you already own, this is an easy swap, as they are similar in shape and size to accent tables.

Nightstands typically have built-in storage but are usually a mix of open and closed storage. While end and side tables tend to have little to no storage, nightstands often have some.

However, nightstands and end tables differ in some ways, even though they have been swapped out for one another in recent years.

In contrast, end tables are primarily used for their surfaces and have no storage or USB ports. Therefore, nightstands are more practical with features like storage and USB ports.  

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