How To Style A Nightstand? 12 Effective Nightstand Decorating Tips

Nightstands are a great way to make your bedroom feel more homey and welcoming. They can also be a great place to store your belongings and keep your nightstand clutter-free.

The first step is to decide on the style you want for your nightstand. For example, look for natural wood with an unfinished or rough texture if you want something rustic.

If you want something with a little more urban vibe, go with sleek, modern lines in black or white. For something traditional, go with wood or dark brown wood with ornate trimming and carvings.

How To Style Nightstands Like A Pro?

How To Style Nightstands Like A Pro

You might not think about your nightstand when redecorating. However, you can use a nightstand to decorate your bedroom, but it is not necessary for the room’s functionality.

You may have a small nightstand. Nonetheless, your bedside table dramatically influences how your bedroom looks. No matter how you use it, whether it’s to display your style or to hold practical items.

It must be functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It’s easy to turn this small area into a stylish focal point with simple tricks.

So, make sure you take advantage of it. With that in mind, this article will provide you with tips on how to decorate your nightstands.

1. A Lamp And Books Are The Two Essentials To Get You Started

Lamp And Books Are The Two Essentials To Get You Started

Every nightstand must have lighting and books. You should choose a table lamp that will add height to your tabletop when it comes to lighting. The lamp will probably be the tallest aspect of your nightstand, adding height to the room.

It is important not to let it overtake the table, however. Make sure to leave room for accessorizing. Consider a wall sconce if your table is smaller. There is no need to limit yourself to table lamps.

It’s now time to add some books. There is no need for these to be actual books that you are currently reading. There is almost always a horizontal stack of books to create a “shelf” for another accessory, like a candle or trinket dish.

2. Invest In An Art Piece To Anchor It

Your nightstand can be transformed by adding some art to the top. It will also help tie all the pieces together under the same theme by adding extra character to your bedside table.

Make your nightstand stand out by hanging a big picture above its center or at the back. Take some accent colors from your bedroom color scheme for your wall art to keep it cohesive.

3. Use Scale To Your Advantage

Use Scale To Your Advantage

Working from heavy to light is another important decor rule. When styling your bedside table, you can also use this principle. Think about arranging those items that are heavier at the bottom and those that are lighter at the top.

You should embrace different shapes, heights, and textures. For example, decorative metal bowls, large glass vases, and medium-height wooden frames work well.

4. Keep It Vibrant With Fresh Flowers

When it comes to greenery, you can never go wrong. Throwing in some seasonal flowers will add texture and spice to your dish. In addition to bringing nature indoors, living plants create a sense of connection to the outside world.

5. Make Sure You Have The Right Height And Style

Make Sure You Have The Right Height And Style

Bedside tables are generally recommended to be approximately the same height as your mattress. You won’t be able to reach your necessities from anything much higher or lower.

You should not go deeper than 24 inches when it comes to depth. Getting into and out of bed can be awkward if there is anything more significant than that. It is always important to consider your bed’s style when choosing a nightstand.

A fancier headboard or upholstered bed will often look best when paired with a minimalistic bedside table. However, a simple bed will require an elegant piece of furniture.

6. Turn The Spotlight On It!

There should be lighting on every nightstand. Your choice of lamp can influence your bedroom’s overall appearance.

According to the rule of three, odd-numbered groupings are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered ones.

With two other accessories to complete the look, your lamp can serve as the tallest element in your composition. A wall sconce may be better if you work with a smaller surface.

7. Keep It Practical

Keep It Practical

Having a bedside table where you can store your belongings is practical. For example, if you have an alarm clock, jewelry, or a favorite book, you can keep it on your desk.

However, a few power pieces can keep it more impactful and practical even if there is an unlimited choice of accessories.

Think about the items you use before you go to sleep, such as your glasses, a reading lamp, or a glass of water. Make sure you choose a nightstand with drawers to keep clutter out of the way.

8. Don’t Forget The Smalls

This is a word I often use. They are items that are small enough to fit in your hand. But, despite being small, these trinkets really make a difference to your style.

The nightstand will feel finished once you add them. If you are tired of wearing earrings, you can use a small decorative bowl or even a small trinket dish to hold them.

9. Choose A Coaster

Choose A Coaster

You can still enjoy all the water or coffee you desire while lying in bed by placing a coaster on your nightstand. The glass on your nightstand will look less like clutter and more intentional if you leave it there for a while.

10. The Rule of Three or Group Items in Odd Numbers

There is nothing complicated about this rule. Even-numbered groupings are not as effective, memorable, or appealing as odd-numbered groupings, according to the rule guidelines of threes.

A visual experience with odd numbers of things is also more engaging since it forces your eye to move around more.

From the tallest to the smallest piece, start with the most important piece. For example, create a “shelf” for accessories by stacking books horizontally or using trays to group items.

11. Keep It In Check

Keep It In Check

A beautiful setup can be styled so easily, but clutter slowly accumulates as time passes. You should therefore make an effort to keep your nightstand tidy just like any other area of your home.

Make sure candy wrappers are thrown away, ties are placed in a jar, and mugs are returned to the kitchen.

When you return to your bedroom at the end of a long day, you’ll be glad you took the time to make these small improvements.

Putting a little extra effort into your surroundings can have such a dramatic impact on your mood.

12. Put A Pretty Storage Solution To Work

You should always keep a few extra pieces on your nightstand, whether it has drawers or shelving for storing specifics. To store jewelry, glasses, or other daily essentials, we love to use trays, boxes, or even small bowls.

My Two Cents

Nightstands do not have to be an afterthought when it comes to decorating. Instead, you can turn it into a focal point of your bedroom with these simple rules and the right tools.

Keeping it functional without sacrificing style is easy with these tips. Finding the right balance between practicality and aesthetics is the key to successful interior design.

Final Words

Adding some height, accessories, and art can really change the focal point of your bedroom’s walls. By adding a few essentials to the bed wall, your space will begin to feel complete instead of looking like a hotel room.

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