Why Do Bedroom Sets Only Come With One Night Stand?

Have you ever noticed that most bedroom furniture sets only come with one nightstand?

Even though having two might look better, there’s usually just one. Why is that?

A common reason bedroom sets often come with only a one-night stand is to save on space.

Most bedrooms are not large enough to accommodate more than one nightstand, and having two could make the room feel cluttered and cramped.

By limiting the number of nightstands included in a set, manufacturers can accommodate smaller bedrooms and still provide a stylish and functional furniture set.

Reasons Why Bedroom Sets Only Come With One Night Stand

Bedroom sets often come with one nightstand by default for a few practical and aesthetic reasons:

Space Limitations

Space Limitations

The main reason why bedroom sets only come with a one-night stand is due to space limitations. Bedroom sets are designed to make use of the bedroom’s available space in the most efficient way possible.

Most bedroom sets usually include one large bed, a dresser, and a nightstand. Fitting more than one nightstand into a bedroom set is difficult due to its limited space.

Additionally, it’s not necessary to have two nightstands in a bedroom. A single nightstand can provide enough storage space for the items that need to be put away each night.


Another reason why bedroom sets only come with one nightstand is cost. Buying a bedroom set with more than one nightstand increases the cost of the bedroom set significantly.

Most bedroom sets are designed with affordability, so sticking with one nightstand helps keep the price down.

Additionally, bedroom sets are often purchased in pairs, so adding a second nightstand also increases the price of buying two-bedroom sets.

Style Of The Furniture

Style Of The Furniture

The number of nightstands that come with a bedroom set largely depends on the furniture style. Traditional bedroom sets usually feature a single nightstand, while contemporary furniture often comes with two nightstands.

In either case, the bedroom set’s design is mainly tailored to fit the style and preferences of the consumer. So, in the end, the decision to only include one nightstand in a bedroom set comes down to personal taste and style.

Choices Of The Consumer

Another factor to consider is the stylistic choices of the consumer. People often have their own tastes and styles when it comes to decorating their bedroom, and a bedroom set with a one-night stand is easier to customize to their preferences.

They can mix and match different types of furniture and bedding to create a unique look.

Provide Balance

Additionally, having a single nightstand can also provide balance to a bedroom.

The nightstand can be placed on the opposite side of the bed to create a symmetrical look and balance in the room.

Having two-night stands can disrupt the room’s balance and make it feel off-kilter.

No Need For Two Of Them

No Need For Two Of Them

Many bedroom sets come with multiple pieces of furniture that are already somewhat similar in style, so having two nightstands may not be necessary.

By only including a one-night stand, bedroom sets can offer a cohesive look without the need for two-night stands. This can also help to save on both cost and space.

Do I Need Two Nightstands?

Someone out shopping and wanting two nightstands might feel underwhelmed when they hear that the bedroom set of their dreams is only sold with a single nightstand.

That leaves the question — “Do I really need two nightstands?” The answer is no; you should not necessarily have two nightstands. The following steps will help you bypass the additional nightstand:

Get Creative

Showing off your personality style can take many forms. When you like more of a rugged and punky style, you can stack a trunk, whereas if you want old-fashioned items, you can stack some suitcases.

Various alternatives to a nightstand can be used, including accent chairs, ladders, and even tree stumps.

A Bookshelf Might Be A Good Idea

A Bookshelf Might Be A Good Idea

A short bookshelf can also be used as a nightstand. Your sleeping quarters can benefit from adding a shelf or two, though it might not provide any additional storage.

However, it can be a great place to display your favorite books, statues, pictures, and more.

Consider Using A Desk Instead

It is common for many people to have a desk in their bedrooms, whether they use it for business, playing games or chatting online with friends.

Consider placing the desk next to the bed instead of a nightstand. This way, you’ll have a place to store your essential items and a place to store your items.

Mix and Match Nightstands Instead

In case you’re bent on adding another nightstand to your bedroom, don’t be scared to mix and match. Matched and mixed furniture can give your bedroom a new lease on life.

To mix and match successfully, keep in mind some of the following rules: You should make sure your furniture pieces share a similar aesthetic.

It is not a good idea to pair a contemporary nightstand with one from the mid-century era of England.

Top both with the same accessory. You can achieve this by matching lamps. Check to see if their heights are similar. Avoid having one nightstand much higher or lower than the other, so ensure they are almost the same height.

This way, the room will follow the same style without feeling too cookie-cutter. Don’t worry, you don’t have to abide by them. Be yourself in your bedroom, and don’t be afraid to be quirky.

Final Words

Bedroom sets typically come with one nightstand because they’re designed to be a complete set. It saves money for customers, and most bedrooms only require one.

You can purchase individual pieces to achieve your desired look if you have a more oversized bedroom. Considering this, consumers can rest assured that their bedroom sets will meet their needs.

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